30 Sept 2019

Ruth Scharf, Blatter, Tischband .....

I recently completed a project from one of Ruth Scharf's two books.  I have had the Ruth Scharf's books for a while now but have not attempted anything from it. I guess I was slightly intimidated by the look of the leaves pattern.  As it turned out, it was quite easy after all. I just need to refer to the stitch count frequently though, to make sure I did not miss anything.  It did not help that the book was written in German.

 The pattern above is from the book on the left in the photo below. 

I had not anticipated the flurry of interests it caused when I posted about this in my Facebook page, Tat-a-Renda, because it was not a newly-released book.  In fact, there was a tat-along of one of the patterns from the book organised by blogger Umi & Tsuru way back in 2012, the Tischband Tat-along. A number of tatters participated in that Tat-along but I didn't.

As far as I know the books are out of print but one of my Facebook page readers contacted Ruth Scharf's family and received the good news that they are still available upon request. This is the reply that Harriet Pollak received from Volker Scharf on her enquiry about the book.

"There are two different of my mother’s tatting books for sale.
1) Occhi - Blätter, Streifen, Pfeile, Bänder, Zacken (german)
2) Occhi - Neue Blätter (german, translation in english as inlay)

Each 20 € plus 8 € shipping cost. Payment via paypal.

If you like to order please please let me know which one and how many you like and send me your paypal email address and your postal address"

If anyone reading this is also interested in the book, please contact Volker Scharf for more information at this e-mail address, Volker.scharf@t-online.de

A little more about the book that I have:
The two books are written in German but an English translation was provided as insets for the 2nd book, Neue Blatter. There are only minimal diagrams/charts in the book. The charts are for the construction of the leaves and similar panels.  The instructions for the actual pattern (doilies) are not charted.


  1. How interesting, Jon. I’m glad the books are still available. I was intimidated by the leaf pattern too and ‘avoided’ the tat-along that Umi did because of that. I’m now addicted to them and have made several pairs of earrings using the pattern on Umi’s page. If you add beads to the chain thread and put them at the tips of the rows then they sparkle beautifully. I LOVE the doily you did.

  2. Your version of the doily is beautiful! Thank you for the information on the books. I have the first one, but not the second. I've sent an email with the hope that there are still some available!

    1. I hope you'll get the 2nd book, Diane. There are many beautiful designs in it that I am already thinking of tatting.

  3. The doily is spectacular, I’m not surprised there’s so much interest.

  4. Fantastic doily, and excellent information! You are so thorough in everything you do. I also have been intimidated by the leaves, but they are so attractive and are a nice contrast to to 'normal' tatting.
    I remember seeing the tat-a-long back then. So nice of you to track down the availability of the books through the family.

    I also want to mention that fantastic video of you on TV! Wish I had an English translation, but they did take their time in presenting your work and your demonstrations with the shuttle. I'm sure it got a good response!

    It seems I now have the name of the gal who did the embroidery. I believe photos of her embroidery work combined with tatting are on Pinterest but no name was attached.


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