12 November 2017

The Wedding

2017 has been a rather exciting year so far for me.  I got to travel twice, to Japan (as I had blogged about earlier) and then to Nordic countries during July. Photos of my Nordic travel will be in another post.

To top it up, my daughter was married in October.  Following are some photos of the event.

Walking into the reception hall.
The marriage solemnisation was conducted earlier in the day.
Seated on the wedding dais
'Bunga telur' - customary at Malay weddings

All in the family
Beautiful friends came to share the joy
More beautiful friends who helped with the preparation
Friends who go back more than 45 years, still looking pretty as ever.
The one on the right was my tatting buddy when we were 10yo.
A close-up of the flower stalks that made up the 'bunga telur'
The 'bunga telur' is customary to have for weddings in Malaysia as a way of wishing a full wedded life for the couple blessed with many children. Literally translated, 'bunga telur' means 'flower (bunga) egg (telur)' or a flower with an egg attached to it.  Traditionally, hard-boiled eggs are used encased in netted pouches and attached to a flower stalk. The flowers are usually made of fabric/paper/plastic.

I decided to be different and asked a friend who makes soap to make some egg-shaped soaps.  These are the blue ones that you can see in the past photo above.  Instead of netting, I tatted the egg pouches used to hold the eggs. Well, what can you expect from a tatter!

It took me about seven months to that 150 pieces of the egg pouches. I tatted when I went to Japan, and when I was in Norway, Sweden and Finland. I only did the tatting pouches while the flowers, which are made of crepe paper, were ordered earlier because paper craft is beyond me.

All things done, it was a beautiful reception and everyone appears to be having a very good time.


  1. Wow so impressed with the way you carried on the tradition but used soap instead of eggs, and all that tatting. They look beautiful. Of course the bride looks magnificent and so does the groom, thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures of a memorable day.

  2. Congratulations on your daughter's wedding! What a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful couple. Many well wishes to your family and theirs. The tatted egg covers are so pretty.

  3. That is beautiful! Congratulations to your daughter and her husband!

  4. Congrats on the wedding. Good looking couple.

  5. I love seeing pictures of weddings from around the world! Traditions are important, and I enjoy learning about them. My best wishes to your daughter and her husband!

  6. What a beautiful wedding, I love your tatted egg pouches and a love,y idea to enclose a soap.
    I hope your daughter has a happy and long marriage

  7. I'm glad there's some tatting there! Beautiful occasion, thanks for showing us photos.

  8. Beautiful post; beautiful daughter, wedding, friends, tatting! Congratulations, Jon, on all of it!🙌🏻💕

  9. It looks as though you all had a wonderful time at the wedding. The 'mother of the bride' needs praise for 150 egg pouches!!

    Our regards should also go to the Bride and Groom!

  10. Such beautiful photos,Jon! It is always interesting to learn about different wedding customs from different cultures. For my daughter's wedding last year I made 300 butterflies and flowers for place cards and candle holders. I have also been enjoying some of your snowflake patterns which I am making as gifts. Like you, I enjoy tatting when travelling - it is a very portable craft and great for passing long flights. Elaine, Australia.

  11. It looks like it was a fantastic ceremony, your tatting certainly makes it very personal.
    I love all the photos of happy friends and family.
    happy tatting

  12. I like your post and first time I have seen Malesian marriage photo. Thanks for that and God bless the newly married couple. Please also visit my blog Alka and Arts.

  13. What a stunning wedding, your egg pouches are amazing, well done!!

  14. A beautiful wedding for a beautiful daughter! Your tatting, I’m sure, is very much appreciated and admired.

  15. Congratulations to your daughter and her husband, and to you, the proud mother! And the eggs in their tatted pouches are very lovely! Thanks for sharing your joy with us.

  16. Thanks for sharing photos of your daughter's beautiful wedding with us.

  17. Congratulations to your daughter and new son-in-law! Your egg pouches are lovely, you worked very hard for them and I'm sure everyone appreciated them.


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