Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Doublestitch brush

As most may know, I like to design my own tatting patterns.  You may see these patterns under the respective tabs in this blog. Sometimes I write the patterns in full and publish them together with charts, sometimes they are only in chart form.  Personally, I prefer charts to fully written pattern as I am more of a visual person and can grasp things quicker when I see a chart or a diagram or a tabulation in the discussion.

I have just finished a major tatting project and have some time at hand, at least before I am tempted to pick up the Monster doily again after putting it away for the recently completed project.

I draw my tatting chart/diagram using the computer software Serif Draw+ X5.  There is a later version but I don't really feel the need to change this to the newer version.

Anyway, this software has a 'brush' feature where you can draw lines or outline of shapes in different style/pattern. Here is  sample of embroidery stitches available with the software,

But, there is none for the doublestitches in tatting! So, I experimented with creating my own brush and this is what I managed to do.

This is how it looks as a flower.  This flower is drawn using the quick shape feature of the software.

Obviously, there are still lots of tweaking to do. In fact, I am not totally sure if this will come handy for my charts because of the different stitch counts in the different elements of the pattern.

Still, I find this kind of interesting considering that I am not a trained designer and learn as I go on how to use this software.

Oh, you are waiting to see a photo of the major tatting project!
That will be a later post, sorry .......


  1. Good for you. I must admit I haven't put in the time necessary to learn to use a program for drawing diagrams. Hopefully this will lead to all sorts of design possibilities for you.

  2. That is very cool! I can hardly wait to see more!

  3. If you can get the stitch counts correct on your designs it will be much faster when drawing out the patterns. I love visual patterns too -- my brain understands them.


  4. You are SO TALENTED in so many areas! Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. I like Serif draw also. Used it several years ago, then lost it when I changed computers. Maybe you need to design a brush with just DS and one with a DS picot DS then you can set your own length between picots.

  6. Wow - That's certainly an excellent representation of the tatted knots as they actually look! It seems like it might be even more tedious, though, than just drawing rings with numbers. I admire your patience in experimenting with this, and I've always appreciated your drawings in your patterns, as I also prefer drawings to the written-out instructions.

    I installed one of the first versions of Serif Draw in my Vista laptop years ago, but I still found it tedious to draw the curved chains and to add numbers. Possibly they've made it easier now. Really enjoyed this post!

  7. Sounds interesting, I look forward to seeing your progress

  8. Jon, you are courageous! I have SO much difficulty using drawing software and get beyond frustrated with most of my results. You are doing great, oh intrepid tatter! ­čśë


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