Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Round V

I was so happy to come to the end of Round V.  So happy, in fact that I made a small mistake. I forgot to tat over tail of the thread at the beginning of the last motif.

It may seem strange that I have ends to hide at the beginning since I am using only white throughout hence I could easily start with CTM.

Okay, let me explain. Maybe someone may find this logical or useful.

I am using two shuttles and I am not measuring the thread for each motif of Round V.  I use whatever balance in the shuttle to continue for the next motif.
For each motif of Round V, I did start with a CTM every time but only at the first ring of the clover. I just pulled enough thread from one shuttle and finger-tatted the first ring. Then I added thread from the other shuttle for the next ring of the clover, tatting over the tail of the thread of the first ring. I should have tatted over the thread end of the second ring in the third ring, but I forgot to do that, and that end is only an inch long.

So, it is not technically a mistake but more of an inconvenience.  I almost always sew in my ends.  In this case, there was a lot of threading and re-threading of that one inch long thread to finish off this round.
Oh, I have to say that I have been good and sewing in the ends of the 12 motifs, doing it straightaway after each motif is done.

And here is the full photo as at Round V.
It is now about 27cm wide or 10.5 inches.

Off to Round VI!


  1. Ah, I see, that is clever, then you can wind shuttles full instead of winding CTM for each motif. It's looking amazing after round 5!

  2. Your doily looks fabulous!!!! :)

  3. Ah, yes... that happens to me a lot with the large pieces. Annoying, but not the end of the world!

    Your work is looking wonderful - as usual!

  4. I am sorry Peg, I accidently deleted your comment. Blame it on fat fingers on small cellphone keyboard, ha ha ha. This is the comment copied from the notification e-mail.

    Peg Mitchell has left a new comment on your post "Round V":

    I also just added thread when I ran out, instead of starting each motif with a full shuttle. This round finally taught me the folded join. I will have to try your technique of hiding one starting tail in the first ring and the other starting tail in the next ring or chain. I've been hiding both tails in the first ring and that ring is bulky.

  5. Love your work, always so beautiful.

  6. I do something similar when using two shuttles, and yes, I have forgotten to hide ends as well! Luckily, it's a fairly simple "fix" even though it is a bit time consuming. Your tatting looks wonderful as always!

  7. I also do something similar too, I always sew in my ends that I do not tat in. It might time consuming but worth it in the end
    Your doily is looking beautiful

  8. Trying to sew in a short tail really is troublesome. But, you've patiently done it and your tatting is looking exquisite!

  9. where can I get a pattern for this dolly?


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