Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Slight Change in Round V

So, I have completed Round IV of JS Model 13 doily, It seems to lay out quite well right now.

I was having slight difficulty in reading the stitch count for Round V because the numbers are rather small in some parts.  I had an idea to look at JS other patterns from his book because I noticed that he liked to repeat some of his motifs in different doily/mat designs.  True enough, the first six rounds of this doily is very like Doily IV on page 56 in his book Tatting Theory and Patterns.

I was also aware, from the discussion thread in Craftree, that there may be errors or misprints of the chart for Round V, so I was very cautious as I began to tat this, more so with my plan to reduce the number of free picots in some of the rings. But, I think I have figured it out. A marked difference are as pointed out by the red arrows in the photo below.

I made a slight change in the shape of the rings joined to Round IV.
My stand here is, any change done consistently throughout becomes a design variation. In this case, the change is too minimal to alter the big picture and that is how I will continue for this round.


  1. I found myself doing the same thing when I tatted this doily, and I'm sure I've done it with other doilies as well. I guess that just puts our individual touch to each piece. Yours is looking great, and your tatting is beautiful as ever!

  2. Your fifth round is off to a lovely start. Your tension is so perfectly even.

  3. Lovely tatting. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  4. Hi, Jon,

    If you want to know the errata that we have discovered to date, you can look up the record for this pattern at Craftree: http://www.craftree.com/patterns/1006


  5. Your doily is looking lovely and your slight change will make it unique to you as no one else will have done the same.
    Well done


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