Monday, 30 May 2016

I have been quiet from this blog for a while, sorry..

I have to apologise to my blog readers for I have been neglecting my blog for sometime now.

There had been no crafting for about a month since we decided to re-paint the house.  There had been a lot of sorting and giving-away and throwing out of lots of stuff. Took the opportunity to turn the backroom into my workroom.  It is not a big room but sufficient to store my threads and place a couple of tables for my machines as well as a small cutting top.  The huge dining table will still be needed if I need to cut fabrics for making garments.  In the process fo sorting stuff, I put together all my tatting books in one place and realised that I don't have that many books.

This box contains all the books that I have on tatting.
Among the items that I gave away to clear the house for the re-paint, were some board games.  I received these delicious thread and a patterns magazine from Zarina in return. 

Also happened in the last two months ....
Attended the annual general meeting (AGM) of the Arts and Craft Guild, KL & Selangor.

The AGM was held at a member's arts studio, hence a lot of paints and palettes and brushes in the picture
Spoke a little about tatting during the AGM
I started on a tatting project before the workers came to re-paint the house but put it aside for until all the work is completed.  However, it was brought out earlier than expected for a special group project. This is the motif that I started,
This is the motif that I started.
A friend helped to sew it into a block
which made up part of this quilt.
In the photo of the completed quilt were some of the other ladies and gent who contributed the other blocks.  There are others who were not in the picture who could not make it on the day this photo was taken.  Some of the blocks came all the way from Switzerland and the US.  This quilt was made for a special friend who had not been well.

That's it for the updates
Once again, apologies for not regularly updating this blog. However, you are all invited to my tatting page in Facebook, Tat-a-Renda, where I post snippets of what I am doing.


  1. It's great to see a post from you again! Tidying up is going to be a priority for me this summer. I have so much accumulated "stuff" that I can't find the things I really want to use.

  2. Glad to see you posting again. Wonderful to have a communal quilt, that's very special.

  3. Yes I have kept up with you on Facebook so I know what you have been doing.
    No you don't have many books just enough for a library. I am sure you will have more by the end of the year and beyond.
    Your piece is beautiful and tge quilt it is on is gorgeous

  4. I love that tatted design!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. Love the tatted motifs. Pretty with the blue border.

  6. Well, you may not have been blogging much - neither have I - but you certainly have been crafting! What a pretty design you tatted for that quilt block. I'm sure your friend will love the quilt! :-)

  7. I love your tatting works.Loved the quilt too! Waiting for some more beautiful projects from you

  8. There is such a satisfaction clearing out stuff you no longer want or require around the house, been doing it myself and it take time! Fascinating photographs and do like your motif, and what fabulous threads you got in exchange. Look forward to seeing more of your tatting now things are back to normal.

  9. I've missed your posts and had been wondering how you are doing. I can see you've kept quite busy. Welcome back to blogland.

  10. I understand about having other things take up your time instead of tatting or blogging. Glad that you were able to do a few 'crafty' things in the midst of other things. Thanks for the update.


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