Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Hi! Hello! Yoo Whoo!

Can't believe that I went for almost four months without blogging!

So, what did I do during my absence? Actually, I did not totally disappear. I updated my Facebook page a few times ....

Here are a few photos about tatting,
Almost there with the doily from the tatted of lace blog which I started in Dec 2015.

Decided to tat something for a few friends and made a bookmark end,
and ended up with four pieces.
Taught tatting at Spotlight to eager students. They were really good at it and caught the flip very quickly 
On a more personal note, I made another pilgrimage to Makkah and Madinah in late November 2015.

A panoramic view of the courtyard Masjid Nabawi in Madinah.  What appear like giant mushrooms are actual huge umbrellas that open up to shade the pilgrims during the day. This photo was taken early in the morning; that tiny white dot in the upper right is the full moon.
A 180 deg view of the inside of  Masjidil Haram in Makkah


  1. Looks like a beautiful place, nice pictures. Your tatting is always fun to view, and cute little book marks are different refreshing change. Class looks like it was fun and successful too!

  2. Your doily looks wonderful!! :)
    And your bookmark ends are great!!! :)

  3. I know you did not disappear, I follow you on Facebook so I was lucky to see your photos and the pattern you shared,
    Your heart doily is looking lovely.

  4. Wonderful tatting and adventures.

  5. Nice to see your tatting activity! I myself have also been very lazy to blog, though I have been tatting. I will post about it one day...

    Thanks for the glimpses of Makkah & Madinah. Did you undertake the trip with your family?

    1. GraceT, went there with my bother and sisters and a few other family members.

  6. Is it appropriate to congratulate you on your pilgrimage? If so, I do!

    Tatting is lovely , as usual. Missed your posts!
    Fix : )

  7. I've missed reading your blog posts, so it's really nice to read one again! You sure have been busy!

  8. Lovely photos of Makkah and Madinah. Wow.

    Any chance you're planning to share the stitch counts for the other three bookmark ends? :)

    1. Oh dear, Sarah. I tatted the other three off-the-cuff and did not make notes. I have since given away the bookmarks. I will try and recall the stitch count and share later.

    2. Please don't worry about it. I always encourage people to post patterns, but I don't want you to waste time trying to recreate them afterward. Thank you for sharing the photos!


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