Wednesday, 7 October 2015

To Change or not to Change


started as a re-work of this,

but, as it often happens, the mind wonders.

I have some issues with the (lower) pink doily, so I decided to re-work it. It is difficult to try and stick to the original design plan and it turned into the upper design.  I may decide to come back to the pink at some point.

Other tatting updates.
I have finished the Spring 2015 doily.
Size 40 milford in two shades, 16 inches wide.
Tatted a bookmark for a friend who wants to start tatting again,
Pattern by Robin Perfetti from the blog Tating by the Bay
I sewed a few fabrc bookmarks as part of a Crafting for Charity event by the Arts & Craft Guild, KL and Selangor. These were later finished with button embellishments but I forgot to take any photo with the buttons on.

I think this about sums up what I have been doing the past few months.

p.s. the title of the blog refers to the re-working of the pink doily.

p.p.s Oh, my birthday was at the end of August and I treated myself to these goodies.


  1. Your pink doily is truly lovely! Nice job on the spring doily, looks stunning!

  2. All of your tatting is superb and what color is the spring doily? Is that grays or greens? I order the shuttle you have and was a bit unhappy with the flower ones because what every they used to put the flowers on with pulled the tips apart and small threads do not stay clipped in and it unwinds.

    1. The thread I usede are in cream and a darker shade of ecru (don't know a name for it). It look paler in real life than in the photo.

    2. Thanks, I love the internet and being able to see handy work but it would be so nice to see in person cause I know colors don't always come through :)

  3. Very, very beautiful doilies!!!! :)
    Great bookmark!! :)
    Great tatting tools!! :)

  4. I do like that top one with the little picoted rings one atop the other... Your Renulek is fab! The colours are gentle and soft, and your tatting is, as always, impeccable - a joy to look at.

  5. I like the rework doily it feels airy. Congrats on the Spring doily finish and nice treats.

  6. Love your tatting: always so beautiful.

  7. Lots of goodies! I love the doily as it is. Why change it? Then again, change can be so much fun. I look forward to seeing what you decide!

  8. Love the pink one. I think it shows the stitches in more details. Great BD gift to yourself. Happy belated Birthday.

  9. Your reworked doily is looking lovely, love the colour, and the pink one is delightful.
    Lovely bookmark and great colour, I have not done this pattern yet it's on my list to do,
    Belated happy birthday and I hope you enjoy your treat.

  10. Your work is just beautiful! Happy belated birthday.

  11. What beautiful shuttles. Well worth getting a year older for!

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  13. love all... happy belated birthday kak Jon

  14. What wonderful works! You're the best.

  15. I am sooooo mesmerized by the reworked doily! It is like a delicate flower. Is there a pattern, free or for sell, I will buy it, I love it so much!


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