Spring, Summer and now Autumn is coming

and I have not fnished my Renulek's Spring 2015 Doily. Here is a report of my progress so far.

After having issues with the small flowers, as in the last post, I snipped off that round and started over and the result is much better. Rounds 6 and 7 went smoothly.

And just when I thought Round 8 was going to be a breeze .....

Opened up the group of rings and chains and re-tatted - took me two days, in between doing other things. Now, this is what I learned from this episode.
If your first thought was to snip the mistake off, do it immediately. Don't even think about opening the stitches because if you do, you will have to do them all. Once you start un-doing even one ring, you'll keep telling yourself "I'll do one more", and by the time you decided that cutting off is the better option, there will be only a couple more left to do. By then you'll be thinking, might as well do them all! Have you had that feeling before?

Anyway, here is it is after Round 9, which was without any mistakes, Yippeee!
This doily will definitely need blocking when done. Notice how the rings in Round 8 have a slant in them.

Now, I tried something slightly different for Round 10, which you can see here,
I decided to alternate the curve of the chains between the rings. Not sure of the end result but I think it will turn out okay.

and next, the happy-dance news.
Remember this post about my yard sale find? When I was at the yard sale, the homeowner mentioned that she came across a few shuttles while sorting out her late mother's things but can't find them. She promised to call me when she comes across them again. I was not placing mcuh hope that she'd remember.

True to her words, she called me last week to tell me that the shuttles are found and would I like to come and pick them up? Would I? Would I? That needs no answer. 

I picked up them up the next day and was grinning ear-to-ear when I saw the shuttles. Wouldn't you too, when you see these?
Now I have three of them.  The first was my mother-in-law's that surfaced during packing when she had to move house. Growing up, I learned tatting using this type of shuttles but that was more than 40 yearas ago and have lost them somewhere.


  1. There must be a lot of shuttles lurking! Good when they go to someone who appreciates them. I admire those who untat , I'd run out of patience very quickly.

    1. Strangely enough, I don't mind un-tatting so much if I am using my clover shuttles. The pick make it easier to un-tat.

  2. I like what you did with the chains, alternating the curves like that. I am an "unpicker" and completely agree with what you said about one's thinking - "just one more".

  3. Your doily is so beautiful!! :)

  4. My heart sank when I saw the lone, unattached picot. Ah, I have been in your position more times than I care to admit!

    I agree that using Clovers makes the un-tatting not too big a chore. That's why I am now tatting with post shuttles exclusively; I make a LOT of mistakes!

    Your doily looks terrific. It really is a lovely patten.

  5. We attend a lot of yard sales on Fridays, our excitement for the week, and my dream is to someday come across that cigar box full of odds and ends of tatting, shuttles, and whatever else a little old lady kept in with her treasures. Maybe one of these days!!! Those are beautiful shuttles and the doily also.

  6. Love the alteration in this round ! It reflects the earlier undulating round. I would so have done it on my doily (at least on the half that had this round !)
    The shuttles are lovely :-)

  7. I love the doily and it is coming along nice and shuttles look like little sharks :)

  8. I recall someone saying they tat slower than others because they are always stopping and admiring their work. I do that too now but I am counting and checking and check again. Your doily looks lovely and I like those black shuttles.

  9. I so agree -- just cut! I firmly believe I have un-tatted more than I have ever tatted!
    Your doily look lovely.

  10. As you know, I've had to make a lot of choices because of mistakes! There are times when I untat and times when I snip. They're just choices that have to be made. Yes! I would have rushed right over for those shuttles! Lucky you!

  11. I still have one of Renuleks mats unfinished, one day I must get back to it, it sits on the pile looking sad and rejected, but I just lost interest in it.
    Yours is coming along, my heart would have sunk finding an unjointed picot, I am sure it would have been snip snip, not unpick, I admire all those who can sit for hours unpicking, I will unpick short distances but not that far.
    We had a conversation on your Facebook page about your shuttles, nice that you now have three, oh I do wish they still make them.

  12. You are so right! Once you start un-tatting it seems you must keep at it until your reach the 'bad spot'. Of course, if the thread breaks it's another story. How wonderful the woman called you about those shuttles! How cool is that? **happy dance**

  13. Love your progress and your shuttles!

  14. Beautiful progress and I love your new shuttles!

  15. That's a good insight about how if you're thinking of cutting off a mistake, better do it at once. So far, I've always untatted, but sometimes I do feel stupid while doing it! :-)

    Congratulations on your Milward shuttles! That really is a find. My mum also tatted with a Milward shuttle.


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