Tuesday, 28 July 2015

It was a long break .....

... from blogging.

We have just concluded our fasting during the month of Ramadhan.  I was keeping low from any blogging activities during that period but managed to do some tatting.  Her are some of what I have finished or in the progress of tatting.

The doily in from the Needlework magazine was blocked and slightly pressed,

I resumed tatting Renulek's 2015 Spring Doily. I stopped at round 5, where the small individual flowers are.  I was very unhappy with how the flowers are turning out, stopped and worked on the doily above.

This photo shows clearly what I am having probems with.  The flowers were twisting all over and looks horrible.  I made a few and joined the next round to it, but it did not get any better,

So, I snipped that part off and started on the small flowers again. This time, I added tiny picots after two double stitches and join the rings together.  They stayed flat this way and I am much happier. You can compare it to the twisted flower in this photo (below).
I am now at Round 7 and I just want to finish this as soon as possible so that I can begin on this doily from Land of Laces blog.  Please follow the link to view it.  I am not posting the photo here because it is not my photo to share.


  1. Ah, I did the same thing with the pretty individual flowers in the Wiosna -- tatted them separately, with a very small anchoring picot, and SSSR to finish off, avoiding hiding ends later. But I joined these as I worked the previous round . It was very satisfying.
    Hope to see more of your lovely tatting :-) The Land of Laces doily is very beautiful.

  2. Nice to see you back, You have been doing a lot of tatting, the first doily looks lovely, I am sure you will work out Renuleks doily, and I have seen land of laces doily, I look forward to seeing yours.

  3. Welcome back!

    I did the same - added the tiny picots , and the flowers lay flat.

    The Land of Lace pattern is certainly intriguing. Eager to see what you do with it Elena's is wonderful, here: http://www.craftree.com/projects/1798

  4. I had trouble with those little flowers as well. If I ever tat them again, I will add the tiny picot as you did. That twisting just about drove me insane! My doily is on hold because I don't have the brain power to focus on two large doilies at once. What was I thinking?!

  5. Your doilies are looking so wonderful!!! :)

  6. Clever solution to those little flowers!

  7. Always nice to see your wonderful work, love that heart doily be fun to see your outcome!

  8. Yes, the flowers look neater and more stable with the petals joined to each other.

  9. as always, beautiful work! I need to take up the shuttle again, I learned with needle tatting and have found the shuttle to be challenging. This winter when I have more sitting around time :)

  10. Love the doily, nice colors. Those little flowers look so nice in the design but troublesome to do. I look forward to seeing your Heart Doily,

  11. Funny, I did the same thing. I am working on my second attempt, as I ran out of the thread i was using on the first. But yes those flowers were tiresome without the joins.

  12. Good to see you being back.
    The doily is lovely.


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