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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Yard Sale Find

Went to my first ever yardsale about a month back which happened to be selling craft-related items. I was lucky enough to find a few tatting patterns from a couple of old magazines and books.

 These two are the Coats tatting booklets (from 1971 and 1977) with patterns for edgings, motifs and doilies. a collar and cuffs, and coaster sets.  The motifs are pretty on its own but makes prettier doilies/mats when joined up together.

A McCall's Needlework magazine from 1954 gave me these patterns - an insertion, an edging and a doily. The doily was calling out to and it took no time for me to start work on it. 

Three weeks later, the doily is done. Here it is being blocked.  I have not cut off the thread ends which I will do after blocking. Thread used is size 20 Milford in two shades.  The doily measured about 26cm

From Stitch 'n Sew (1973), I found two patterns - Pillow for Wedding-Ring-Bearer and a Book cover. Both look like shuttle-only patterns.

The other exciting thing for me is that the article in the Stitch 'n Sew magazine was written by Myrtle Hamilton.  I have heard of her being mentioned in several tatting sites such as one by Georgia Seitzs but have never actually seen or read anything by her.  Reading what is found from the internet, Myrtle Hamilton contributed much to tatting, and this sort of made me touch-base with her, in my own way.

From yet another magazine, Needlework Illustrated of unknown date because it has lost its cover, I found this embroidery instructions for the Willow Pattern.

I have no plans to embroider it but it is kind of interesting because Pam Palmer has translated it into tatting patterns in her book Tatting Treats Three, which I also have.  Having these two with me sort of completes everything.

All in, it was a great find at the one and only yard sale that I have been to. I doubt if there will be another opportunity like this again.


  1. Wow, good finds. I like the way you have modernised the doily through use of colour.

  2. Such lucky finds!! You must have been in the right place and the right time. Just love it when such treats are found because it is like giving a great home to something no one wants. Well Done!

  3. Opps forgot to say the doily looks stunning

  4. What a great find. Every one a treasure.

  5. Was just wondering how you were. Hoping you have a blessed Ramadan!

  6. I love her too, Myrtle Hamilton was famous for her daisy patterns and I made one of her doilies on my blog too. love her works, would have been nice to tat with her :)

  7. The doily you tatted is very beautiful! I like how the 2 shades of purple go together. :)

  8. Great finds, I have a copy of the first two books, you made a lovely mat from your find

  9. It's all great! Thank you for sharing.

  10. I don't attend yard sales very often. I've never found a stash of wonderful magazines as you have, but one year I did purchase dozens of beautiful crocheted doilies for 25 cents each. The were crocheted by the woman's mother, and this woman hated doilies. She just wanted to get rid of them. It was kind of sad to think that all those hours of work were unappreciated by the daughter. However, that year my family members received beautiful doilies that they all really liked. Sometimes it's worth taking a look!

  11. Wow! What great finds! Someone obviously tatted, but not necessarily the one having the yard sale. Or maybe they are trimming down their craft items. Either way, you are very lucky!

  12. I love the embroidery and Tatting Treats 3! What a great collection!


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