Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What's 'shuttling' out at the moment

Yes, 'shuttling' is a made up word at first, but the online dictionary gave this meaning,
"to cause (someone or something) to move to and fro or back and forth by or as if by a shuttle"
So, it may be a valid word after all.

I am tatting a finger-less glove for a special person to wear for her wedding next month.  This the portion of the lower arm.  I am designing as I go and have yet to think of the design to be placed over the hand.

There are beads in there, white seed bead with size 20 thread.  I am adding the beads to the picots as I join. Naturally, there are many coil-less pins in use to hold the beads before I make the join. Due the bead size, I used my 0.4mm hook to place the beads when I mke the picot but a slightly larger hook when I make the join. 

During breaks from the finger-less glove, I worked on Renulek's Spring 2015.  Just started on Round 3.  There is no rush on this one.  As for Spring 2014, it may be well past summer before I finish this.

Fox, do you recognise the shuttle? Thank you for it (them).  I had to sand the tips slightly because they were to tight and difficult for the thread to pass through. No damage was done to the shuttle in the making of this doily.


  1. This glove will be beautiful as all your tatted creations, I'm sure about it!

  2. Beautiful, can't wait to see them completed.

  3. I sure do, Jon!

    I'm wondering why you do the paperwork thing. It seems as if you add a step, instead of just adding the bead to then picot as you go with one crochet hook - the smaller one. What am I missing here?

    They are going to be lovely lace gauntlets.

  4. Beautiful start to your glove and doily!!! :)

  5. Your fingerless gloves are going to be amazing, they look good already. I'm glad no shuttles were harmed while making your doily. Surgery is sometimes needed to make one feel better:-)

  6. You have been very busy and everything is beautiful as usual.

  7. The fingerless gloves are going to be beautiful! Enjoy the Spring Doily. It is a fun tat.

  8. Those gloves are going to be amazing,
    Your renuleks mat is looking lovely so far.

  9. Oh my goodness, those gloves are so elegant! Lot of work in them but it will be worth it.


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