Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Beads in Rings

I wanted to try a pattern that has beads in the centre of rings. 
It started with this sample. 

I was ambitious hence the extra beads in the chains.I was not happy with the way the rings closed - I can see tiny gaps in the top of the rings where the beads are attached. 

The second attempt is in white with pearl glass beads. Well, the gaps are still there.  In fact, the gaps are even clearer in this white version.

Karen Cabrera's video showed that I was closing the ring the wrong way, which resulted in the gap. Back to practising by just making the rings on its own.

Finally, happy with this -

I was at a local craft store a few days back and found this coil-less pins.  The should come handy for holding beads in picots and marking where to join.  They are metal pins and the label on the reverse of the pack stated that it is a Prym product.


  1. I love your first attempt with the beads in the rings!!! :)
    And looks like you are making good progress on learning them!! :)

  2. Good progress on the beads in rings technique! I really like the effect it creates on jewelry.

  3. Your golden motif with blue pearl is a marvel! Thank you for directing us to Karen's video!

  4. Those pins work well.mi love the colours if the top piece. Looks beautiful from here!

  5. Macht mut , es auch mal aus zu testen , Danke

  6. Worth getting right because the technique has a lot of potential. Tho I do think the top one looks good!

  7. I like your first attempt looks lovely, I admire your patience to get it how you wanted it, I will go and have a look at Karen's video, thank you for sharing that.
    Lovely pins not seen those will keep my eye open for those.

  8. I love watching the progress... thanks for sharing! I agree that the gap shows more in the second picture. Still, all three are very pretty. Thanks for directing us to Karen's video!

  9. I understand the disappointment with your first motif. We are all perfectionists about our own work. But, it looked good to me. The last rings, of course, looked divine.

  10. I think you're being too critical! I'm quite amazed that this is even possible to do, and even on your first try you have almost achieved perfection! Love those blue beads with the gold accents beads!


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