Sunday, 20 July 2014

A New Chapter Added

I have been rather busy the past month and did not have time to update this blog.  Those who are following my Facebook page may already have some ideas of what it is all about. I hope to summarise much of what has happened in this blog update.

In short, Spotlight, the Australian arts and craft store, had announced through their FB and website, the opening of an outlet in Malaysia. It is going to be their first outlet in Malaysai.  The nearest outlet before this is in Singapore.  A few week before the opening, a member of Spotlight team contacted our local craft guild, the Arts & Craft Guild,KL & Selangor, inviting members to submit a propsal for conducting craft classes at the new outlet. I made a sample of tatting for the store to display.  The thread used is Milford, which is being sold in Spotlight.

After a series of meeting, everything was set up and we were ready for the opening, which was on 12th July. I will be teaching tatting, naturally.  As part of the launch a number of Guild members put up demos of crafts where classes will be offered at Spotlight.  They have provided two classrooms for the instructors.
The instructors
No more words - photos are easier to the eyes than reading. So, here are the crafts in the planned classes:
Wire Jewelry
Felt craft
Paper craft (back) and Plushies (foreground)
Ribbon Embroidery
I received much interest in tatting when I was doing the tatting demo. There were the usual comments of " .. had done this before", "It was so long ago that I had forgotten how" and the " .... dying art".  But there are a good number of genuine interest from younger visitore, and one lady wanted to learn so that she can re-connect with her late mother who tatted.

The highlight of the two days was when a very special visitor stopped to look at my tatting - a princess no less! We had a short chat about tatting when she told me that she needletats and I said I could teach her how to use the shuttle if she would like, :-)
A very special visitor was interested in my tatting
The next steps would be to prepare for classes - samples, notes, tools, etc.  I think it is going to be a wonderful experience.


  1. Congratulations on your new venture with Spotlight! Hope you get lots of students - and that the princess will be one of them! :-)

  2. I am so happy for you! Good luck with all the new things coming to you.

  3. How exciting! It's nice to see pictures of such a variety of crafts. I imagine you each gained inspiration from others. Have fun preparing for your classes!

  4. Congratulations ! Wish spotlight Singapore has such enthusiastic crafters and classes.

  5. Wonderful opportunity. Fun adventure ahead! Good luck!

  6. How exciting and to have you for a teacher will be wonderful!

  7. The art of tatting is worthy of a Princess. I hope she will ask you to be her teacher!

  8. Congratulations Jon. You will be introducing many new people how to enjoy tatting!

  9. This is wonderful! - there are some lovely colours in Milford thread. Your brand-new Spotlight looks SO much tidier than ours - but as I am lucky enough to live near one of the largest branches here, there's always a lot to browse through.

  10. Very exciting news, well done, how lovely to have been chosen to teach tatting

  11. So awesome!!! I hope you have an wonderful class and lots of tatters!!! :)

  12. Congratulations :-)))
    Students will be so lucky to have you as their teacher , with your vast skills and experience !!!

  13. Congratulations, how wonderful for you, I hope you get lots of interest in your classes.


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