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Monday, 14 April 2014

Spring Doily Round 8

The red really stands out in the middle.  I may bring this shade back in at least one of the coming rounds.

I am using Olympus Gold for all the rounds. Once Round 8 is complete, this doily would be about 34cm wide.

As everyone have indicated, Round 8 is taking a long time.  It may well be long into summer before I'll get this Spring Doily done.


  1. Yes, I would bring a little of the red back in too! This is coming along wonderfully!

  2. What a beauty! Am looking forward to see the doily finished. Great work.

  3. It's beautiful!!! Sweet spring colors!! :)

  4. I like the look of this doily. Yours is very nice

  5. Yes row 8 takes ages to tat! See what you mean about introducing the red again.

  6. Your doily looks lovely. I have totally stalled on the spring doily, just in time for row 8. You are really inspiring me to start on it. ;) I love how many people are doing it, and how many say row 8 is the are not alone! :) Keep calm and tat on :)


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