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Friday, 21 March 2014

So Close

I am five rings short of the end of Round 3 of Renulek's Spring Doily and I ran out of thread.  That's a tatter's life! Anyway, here is a photo of the almost-done Round 3.

I am undecided on these two colours for the next round. The top is a solid light pink while the bottom is a paler variegated pink.
Whichever colour I'll end up choosing, I may decide to use it for both rounds 4 and 5.

On another note, I bought this note-card at a craft bazaar quite a while ago.  I think the design lends itself to tatting.  This is my last card. I wish I had bought more of it.


  1. Love the new piece and the card. I never think of motifs for a card...I will now!

  2. Beautiful doily!!! :)
    Sweet card!! :)

  3. Your spring doily is looking lovely,
    Your card really does look great with some tatting on it, a real improvement to the picture

  4. I think you should use the variegated for one of the rows and the solid for the other,

  5. Oh my.... so you ran out of thread before you finished the round..... ?
    What did you do? I love both the pinks, and it will be interesting to see how you work them in. :)
    I never ever think of tatting motifs for card.... maybe be cause that would mean planning ahead (which I am terrible at!) oh well, your's looks very cute!

  6. Love the colours for your Renulek doily! How about flat pink rings and variegated chains for Rounds 4 & 5? The card looks great, too.

  7. hmm, this looks like a beautiful tropical flower unfolding. Hope you find more thread soon.

  8. Oh, no! I hope you have more of that thread! I think either pink will be lovely for the next round. I haven't tried adding tatting to a card yet. It does make a pretty display for tatting!

  9. Very creative to add motifs to the card.

    I vote for the variegated pink or using both--one for the chains and the other for the rings. :D

  10. Great that you too have joined the Renulek doily tatting.
    It is looking lovely so far.

  11. primroses, roses and cherry blossoms can now be :) SUPER!

  12. Your card is full of poetry!


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