Sunday was the annual general meeting (AGM) of the Arts and Crafts Guild, KL and Selangor and this year is also the 20th year since the guild was formed.  We had a short celebration after the AGM with cupcakes for a 'birthday' cake and a gift exchange.

I did not have much time to make anything elaborate, so I made this bracelet.

Before I write more about the bracelet, this is what I received in return, a business card holder decorated with a hand-drawn butterfly on the cover by the artist Cheah Wai Seng.  Click on the name and browse through his gallery for more of his creative work.

Back to the bracelet.

It was a quick tat since I used a rather thick thread.  The label says it is a size 20 but it feels like size 10.  The beads that I used are 8mm, but I suppose the size can be different according to the thread that you use.

I did a quick chart of it before wrapping the gift for the exchange.

This the full-length instructions for it.

  1. Begin with R(6 sp 6); sp = small picot.
  2. RW, C(6)
  3. RW, R(3 lp 3); lp = long picot for the bead.  You can make a beaded picot at this time and hold the bead in place with a paper clip as you tat the rest of the bracelet.
  4. RW, C(6)
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the length of the bracelet that you are making, ending with the ring,  R1(6 sp 6)
  6. RW, C(9 + [to sp of last ring])
  7. C(6)
  8. RW, R(3 +[ beaded picot of opposite ring] 3)
  9. RW, C(6 +[sp of big ring] 6)
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until the end of the bracelet, ending with a lock join to the small picot of the first big ring.
  11. C(9+[to the base of the big ring])
  12. C(7 +[space at base of small ring])
  13. C(12+[space at base of next small ring]).  Repeat this until the small ring at the other end of the bracelet.
  14. C(7 +[space at the base of the big ring] 6+[to the bracelet clasp] 6+[small picot of big ring])
  15. C(7)
  16. Repeat step 13, ending with a join to the base of the last small ring.
  17. C(7+[to the top of the first big ring] 6)
  18. Do not reverse, make a SLT, R(3 +[attach to the other half of the bracelet clasp] 3)
  19. Do not reverse, maka a SLT again, C(6 +[ space at the base of big ring])
  20. Cut and tie to the top of the next big ring and hide ends.  
If you notice any mistakes in the instructions as you tat, please let me know so I can make corrections.  I don't have the bracelet with me anymore to refer to as I write this pattern.


  1. I enjoyed browsing through the artist's website - couldn't see all of it because the links wouldn't download. But I thought how much my granddaughter - aged 5 - would have loved that fairies and butterflies feature wall behind her bed!

  2. Cute bracelet. and nice light colors too. Thanks for the pattern and fun to go to the guild meetings to see what everyone is up to in so many areas of arts and crafts!

  3. That's a wonderful bracelet. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  4. That's a wonderful bracelet. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  5. Very pretty Bracelet Jon. In a quick read of the pattern directions and following the diagram, I think you are missing the Ch 9 with join to base of the first ring to match step 6. But as I said it was a quick read and I may be wrong.

    1. You have sharp eyes. I have made the correction to include the missing C(9).
      Thank you.

  6. Great bracelet, thanks, it has gone onto my to-do list!

  7. Very pretty bracelet!!! Can't wait for a chance to tat it!! :)

  8. That is a fabulous bracelet! Very well done.

  9. Beautiful bracelet, love your pattern

  10. Could you please contact me on as I would like to buy your books but I keep getting blank pages here. Thankyou.

    1. Hi NyteFyre,
      Apologies for the late reply. My tatting books can now be purchased through Handy Hands, The Tatting Corner or from Rosegeround (UK)

  11. hy, i am trying to make this but do i have to repeat ro 1 til 2, or 1 til 4?

    1. Hi Wendy,
      Your observation is correct. You repeat steps 1 till 4.
      You are the first one to point this mistake out, thank you.
      I prefer charts myself and always tend to make mistakes when writing the pattern from the charts .

      I have made the correction in the blog entry.
      Thank you.

  12. Jon por favor compartenos mas fotografias de este hermoso diseño. quiero ver el bracelet bien abierto. la imagen total.


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