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Saturday, 6 July 2013

My Go-to Tatting

I finally finished the doily from earlier post, with the ends still to hide.
Doily #29 from the DMC Book of charted Tatting Designs
Hiding ends is something that I try to minimise when I tat.  I try to tat-over-tails when I join new thread mid-work so I don't have to worry about hiding ends later.  I just need to snip off the thread when I am done.  Where possible, I will use the split chain and/or split ring to jump to the next round.

Back to the doily ....

This may well be my go-to tatting for now, until I come across something else.  
You can see from where the thread ends are that this patterns begins at the small ring in the middle.  If I were to tat this again, I will begin at one of the rings of the flower.  There was a bit of manouvering needed when finishing at  the end.


  1. Lovely work. I can never get doilies to 'flatten' even after blocking!

  2. It's really a beautiful tatted design. I can see why it would be your go-to tatting.

  3. It really is lovely. I am still a new tatter.

  4. Very pretty in that thread. I like the way the lime jumps from segment to segment.
    Fox : )

  5. This is a very pretty design. I love patterns that weave in and out. I think they are very conducive to hand-dyed, multi-colored, and variegated threads. I'm adding to to my to-do list!

  6. I can see why it would be easier to start with the flower. Quite pretty!

  7. This is really pretty! And the colours are great, too. I might start looking around for a go-to pattern for myself... :-)

  8. Another gorgeous piece my the myriad of colours.


  9. I'm glad you finished it, looks good. Pretty colours and shape.

  10. Nice pattern , pretty color.

  11. Very pretty, you chose a very nice colorway.
    I too think starting with an outer ring in the flower would make the ending easier.

  12. Really nice work and very different pattern love your work as always


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