15 Jun 2013

Moos are not daft

A friend, Janet, in the Needles & Craft Yahoo group suggest a Moo Exchange when the members met at the  Anniversary Meet of the group a few months back.  That was the first time I heard of Moos, except for that "daft old moo"!
"What is a Moo?"
A Moo is a mini card, about half the size of a regular business card, approximately 1in by 3in.

What is it used for?
From what I have searched online, it is a way of introducing yourself just like a business card.  However, unlike the "officialness" of name cards, the moo card can be very personalised and colourful and decorative and whimsy and whatever else that you want it to look like.

How do you make a Moo Card?
There are online printing services available for professionally printed Moo cards.  You select a good picture or design and print it on one side and add your contact information on the other side - e-mail, FB id, blog address, etc., - i.e. whatever information that can fit in the 1in by 3in space.

Or, you can tap your creative mind and create your own!  Which is what I did for this Moo Exchange that I participated in.

For the exchange, we were required to make three pieces of moos and send them to Janet, who will then distribute the cards to the other participants.  Below is my feeble attempt at making moo cards.  The theme is  summer so I decided on tatted butterflies and flowers, naturally.

In return, I received these lovely ones from three different persons.  The one on the left is from Rose, the middle is from Vivian and on the right is by Ellen.  I don't know if Rose or Vivian has a blog that I can lead you to, but Ellen is the owner of the blog Singtatter's Corner.

Moos are not just for giving out contact information, they also make great gift tags or markers or even place names at tables.  Here is a tip for you.  If you find the individual size too small to work on, you can use a larger card and do a big picture of your theme, making sure that there is a feature of the theme in each segment.  Then, cut the moos to size.

A internet search on "moo cards" will give you ideas on different designs created by moo enthusiasts. Here is a blog that I found from my search of moos with lots of creative moos, Make a Moo or Two.

Well then, that "daft old moo" somewhere in England might see herself differently now.


  1. Those are sweet and I love the colors in yours!! :)

  2. YOur Moos are beautiful. What a great idea to connect people. Well done.

  3. Great post, I use Moo to print my business cards, they do a brilliant service.
    I like your moo cards, great way of using up thread from the shuttles and making little pieces for the cards.
    (I know who you mean, won't say a word.)

  4. I've never heard of it before... what an inspiring idea! I'll go searching on line a bit! Yours are really nice, thanks for sharing!

  5. I had never heard of moo cards before, they are interesting.


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