Saturday, 2 March 2013

Tatting and Buttons

My multi-craft group NeedlenCrafts had a buttons exchange challenge last month where we need to make buttons out of fabric and embellish them creatively using crafts that we are comfortable with.  Naturally, I turned to tatting, :)

These are my buttons -

A pictorial of how I made the buttons is given below.

Material for the button.  I am using a button making kit for the actual button. ... I know, that is cheating  a bit, he he he.  You will also need a fabric glue, which I did not show here.
Place the fabric over the white button mould and the button casing over it.  Press  the casing and fabric together intl the mould.
Fabric and casing pressed completely into the mould.
Place the button shank over the mould and press into it as done earlier.
Completed button with shank attached.
Dab some glue around the shank, take a completed tatting motif and push the shank through the centre.
Make a small cut in the middle of the felt.  Again, dab a little glue over the tatting and press the felt over the shank, until it sticks firmly to the button
You can create your own motif for the tatting, but make sure that there is a space in the middle to let the button shank pass through it.  Below is the chart for the motif that I used.

This is a tip on how I cut the felt to size.
Before cutting out the felt circle, make a small slip in the felt and push the shank through it.  Then cut the circle following the outline of the metal plate.


  1. Your buttons look beautiful Jon! Thank you for the tutorial on how to make them. I also like your button kit - I have one but it doesn't look as effective as yours.

  2. Your buttons are adorable! Another tatting trend? ;-)

  3. good idea and the result is stunning !

  4. Thank you Jon for sharing this. I have never 'tried' making my own buttons and now would be a great time. Lovely idea.

  5. Awesome. I didnt think of using covered buttons. You are so talented.

  6. Those are very nice Jon, I like the colors and styles of material that you paired with the threads.
    And thank you for the Tutorial. I am always interested in knowing how things work. I may never make them myself, but I am always curious.

  7. So and very pretty buttons with tatting!

  8. Those buttons are a really effective way to highlight tatting. Just think of the colour combinations you could have. They would look great on bags and cushions.

  9. Those buttons are pretty enough to be pins or even pendants! I think I have an older version of the button maker (much older!). This one looks easier!
    Thanks so much for the tutorial and the tatting pattern!

  10. I am thinking they could be used as brooches, too. Quite pretty and very original!

  11. Now that is brilliant and I have a beautiful button which would look lovely with that.
    Thank you for the sharing that.

  12. Wonderful! thx for sharing ; )

  13. The tatting around the buttons looks great! What a neat idea.


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