Thursday, 28 February 2013

T-shirt yarn and flat shuttle

I made my first t-shirt yarn and used it to tat.  It is unfortunate that the only t-shirt that I have that can be cut up is black, so you can't really see the knots in it.  I had my daughter take a video of me tatting with the yarn, so please excuse the amateurish result.

I started as a free-tatting, going round and round, making the lark's head knots around a centre working of the ball.  Then, I decided to try making a ring, which turned out okay except that the yarn broke when I pulled to close the ring.

I made the ring with the direct tatting method, as explained by Rebecca Jones in her book, The Complete Book of Tatting.

I made the t-shirt yarn by following this tutorial.

While searching for images of flat shuttles, I came across a post by the late Gina in her blog about some interesting shuttles that she got from Palmettos way back in 2005.  I was particular curious about the one with three posts in it. Doing a google image search did not help because it appears that the picture of it is only from Gina's blog.

My tatting books are now available from Roseground in UK.  This should be convenient for tatters in Europe and UK especially as I think the delivery will be faster from there rather than from Malaysia.

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  1. Very interesting and wondering how you thought of the idea.
    I brought one of your books as a Christmas present last Christmas from roseground so I must go and have a look at their shop on line.
    I might add its a great book although I have not had time to try any patterns yet.


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