I have decided the next step for this doily

Remember this post earlier?
I made a pick of three solid colours to continue with in this pattern of Norma Benporath's. In that post, I have asked which colour you would choose to fill in the space between the ovals.  The Rasberry Pink was picked by most.

Just to be sure, I have tatted a portion of the rings mesh in each colour.  I hope the colours show up well on your screens.
Medium Leaf Green
This medium leaf green appears too dark against the bright colours of the golden yellow and variegated thread.  So now it is either the light leaf green or the rasberry pink.

Raspberry Pink
Seeing it tatted up, the raspberry pink does not really match any of the colours in the variegated thread.
Light Leaf Green
That leaves me this light leaf green, which I think is going to be my choice.  It gives a light contrast to the variegated but with enough tinge of yellow in it to match the golden yellow.

This is how the doily looks now in full.  I have not blocked it so far.  I have not figured out yet how to block it because the size is now bigger than my blocking board.
The mesh of rings will fill up the space between the ovals, and then a final round to tie it up altogether.


  1. Decisions, decisions. Such wonderful colours to choose from.

  2. I think all look nice yet different in their own way. I think that it depends on which you like best. I like the darker green because it seems to make the center stand out more and frames it a bit. :)

  3. I think the green shows up the colours of the mat, but oh boy what a pattern there's a lot of mesh rings in the mat.
    Well done on how far you have got to.

  4. Either one looks nice so the ultimate decision is yours. With that said, I like the lighter green as it blends in with the doily itself without over powering.

  5. I am so pleased you went with the green. The colours are glorious.
    Fox : )

  6. I agree with Fox! - the light green was my choice too, and it is looking good. The only other thing you could perhaps have done is to have waited for the new cream colour which is coming soon - I think that would have been a good choice as well.I think that's going to be a very useful colour to add to my collection, and I can't wait to buy it!
    I have a new strategy for coping with all these new Lizbeth colours as they are released; instead of agonising over which to choose, I pick two or at the most three new shades, and buy one ball in each size!

  7. I think the light green looks terrific! I'm so glad you chose that one!

    I've been known to lay stuff out on the ironing board if it's too big for the blocking board. I've also seen suggestions for pinning it to a mattress, if you have a spare one that will be dry by the time it's needed.

  8. Nice choice Jon when you tat up the samples like that...

    Have you access to the foam play mats that lock together, these are very good for blocking on as you can make them as big as you want. I've used mine for knitted & crocheted lace shawls as well as crocheted doilies

    Here's a link to what I mean


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