Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Crochet your own shoe/sandal

I know this blog is about tatting but I just want to share this.
I came across this crafter crocheting the tops of shoes/sandals straight to the soles.   I have heard of crochetes shoes before but have not seen anyone doing it in person.

This lady has a stall at the Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu airport and will be there for a few more weeks. She gave me permission to video her but not her face.

The video screen has shot off the page. I don't know how to adjust it but I think you can still see her hands working.
I only saw her as I was leaving so did not take many pictures but here is one that I took, and did not stay long to find out more about what she does.


  1. Thank you for showing these sandals, The video did not show up on my look at your blog but you have answered a question for me, I brought a pair of sandals in lanzorite many years ago, i only wear them in the summer, they are the same as the pink ones in your picture the back is slightly different with just a loop going around the back. They are my favorite shoes.


  2. The video hasn't come through but the photo- wow! They are gorgeous! I wonder if they'll stretch a lot?

  3. Margaret, Michelle,
    I am sorry that you could not view the video. I don't know enough of the technicalities to make any changes so that it can be viewed.

    I guess others may be having the same problems too.


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