5 Sept 2012

Toshti - tatting with doodad

Here is the chart for Toshti.  I have not tatted this with an actual doodad myself, but I see no reason to change anything in it after such lovely tatting from Fox and Diane.  Since I have not tatted it, there is no picture of the tatting, only the chart.  You can refer to Fox's and Diane's version of this from the links that I have given,

I will however, tweak Diane's revised version slightly to adjust for the different placement of the doodad.  To do that, I will have to wait for my doodads to arrive.
I want to thank Fox for the creative name given to this design.  Assigning names to motif and designs is something I am not good at.

On another note, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) have added some new words reflecting current trends and usage in the cyber-world, words such as OMG, LOL, IMHO and BFF.  For example, this is the definition of LOL from the OED.  Out of curiosity, I typed in "doodad" in the search box and this definition of doodad came up.  Maybe, some day tatting can take ownership of this word and make it specific, just saying, :)


  1. Lovely! What an inspiration Diane has been lately. I love the doodads! Looking for some myself. Thank you for sharing your lovely design with us. Yes, and you too Fox...lol

  2. Love it! I got some doodads around and now I'll play with them. Thanks for the lovely pattern! Salam!

  3. So amusing - the definition of doodad. That was EXACTLY the meaning in my mind when I first wrote it in Heart For Misha and posted about it back in the early summer. Doodad was the only word I could find to use other than finding - and I do not like that word! Especially for tatting, that 'finding' noun does not seem friendly!

    Thanks for this! Makes me ponder about words and meanings and all sorts of things!
    Fox : )

  4. Thank you Jon for sharing such a lovely pattern!

  5. Thank you ! I must try this :)

  6. I love the definition of doodad... perfect! This has been so much fun. I can hardly wait to see what you design once you have some doodads right in front of you!

  7. I always admire your tatting and your talent for designing, but I also am in awe of your ability to draw patterns. Thanks for so generously sharing this!


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