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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mat N0. 34 - complete .. almost

This is Mat #34 from DMC Book of Charted Tatting Designs all finished.
well ... almost complete.

As you can see, the tails are all over the place, in fact five pairs of ends to hide.  It does look like there are more than that but they are the ones that I have tatted over.  I usually leave the tatted-over ends as they are until I complete my piece and will trim them off after blocking.

The doily is not properly blocked yet.  There was a little ruffling effect as I finished the outer round made up of all chains, and I laid it out on the board to see how much I need to stretch out the doily to get it to lay flat.  As it turned out, not much.

This is the one that I wrote earlier where I had run out of the HDT that I started with and I continued with a different thread to finish it.  The was a slight variation of the yellow in the solid compared to the yellow in the HDT, but overall I think it turned out quite nice.

I will be taking it off the board, hide the ends and after giving it a rinse, do a proper blocking.

I am very happy with this project.


  1. Very pretty! It's always such a satisfaction to finish a big project like that. I think the threads you used blend very nicely with each other.

    1. I think it does too, Miranda. In fact, I think I prefer it this way than if I had used HDT for the whole piece.

  2. And you should be, itt's quite lovely!

  3. It turned out very well, you should be happy with it. What a lot of work!
    I do the same thing with the ends after tatting over them, then cut all closely after I'm completely done.

  4. Wow simply lovely and the thread match does not show, well done on a beautiful piece of tatting

  5. Very pretty, and it looks like you planned the colors very well.

    1. Thank you Ladytats.
      If I were to make this again, I think I will tat the outer clover round using the same thread as for the centre.

  6. Wonderful doily! A unique oval design, with the three motifs in the center. It has a very lacy look, but the chains give it strength. Beautifully tatted.

    Also, I want to thank you for your diagram for the last interlocked ring! It helped me to finally accomplish it!

  7. It worked out beautifully, Jon. The colours look perfect.
    Fox : )


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