Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Another Progress Update

The work on the doily has reached this stage of Round 3.

The part of Round 3 that I had to snip off is on the right, and the re-work based on the revised pattern on the left.  The picture below explained why I decided to re-do this part.

The three rings that are shown by the arrows form part of the scallops in Round 4.  See here for reference.
If I had followed the pattern to the letter, I would have to tat these three rings individually first before adding in the other rings to shape the scallop; i.e. tat the small ring (top arrow) cut and tie, then the other small ring and cut-and-tie, and the bigger ring, again cut and tie.  This set of three rings is repeated 12 times round the doily, creating 36 ends to hide.  Even if I use the SSSR to hide the ends for the small rings, I still have 12 ends to hide.

Unfortunately, I can't avoid the ends entirely.  Studying the scallop pattern, I can't find any way to tat the scallops continuously all round.  Will write about that in the next update.


On another matter, at the bottom of each post in my blog, I have "You might also like" boxes with  links to my other posts in the blog.  Sometimes, I would click on the links just to remind me what it was that I wrote there, and read some of the comments.

On occasions these comments will take me on a nostalgic trip because they are from people that I, sort of, lost touch with.  But, lately they have made me a little sad because I have been reading comments left by Gina, the Tattinggoddess.  I do hope, and I know they will, remember her when the tatters gather on Tat Days early next month.


  1. Now that I have figured out the Magic thread trick, I am no longer afraid of ends lol
    (But I still wouldn't want to hide 36 of them)
    I really like how your doily is turning out. :o)
    I especially like that yellow-green.

  2. Jon, I am really enjoying reading about your progress with this doily. I can't imagine tatting each of those rings separately and then adding them! I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished doily!

  3. Yeah, that much stopping and starting is completely unappealing! Good idea to find an alternative way of working it.

  4. I'm pleased to tell you, Jon, that not only are there plans in hand to celebrate Gina's gifts to Tat Land but that her daughter and sister are coming to learn to tat too. They're bringing some of her work and I believe that will be featured in the Show and Tell area.
    I'm not really awake yet but couldn't those three rings have been done as a SCMR thrown off the chain first and on the following chain a ring joined to that? I'll wake up later and take a proper look!!!

    1. So happy to read about the plans made on Tat Days in memory of Gina.

      Regarding the doily, I am making the three rings of each scallop as thrown rings from Round 3, and completing the scallops in Round 4. Still trying to figure out if the scallops can be completed in a continuous round in Round 4 but can't still see how.

  5. The doily is looking better, I can see that adding these rings will take a lot of time, I think I would have done what you did and tat them in as I did the row, I can't see what someone was thinking of doing those rings separately, it would use a lot more thread and trying to hide all those ends would take forever. I thought the last ring was too big for the pattern but now I have seen the next row it does not look so large.
    Well done with the pattern.
    I never meet her but I found her blog with a lot of inspiration and help even though I only found it about a year before she died.

    1. If you think that those rings are too big, you should know that I have taken out 11 double stitches from the rings that are joined together to shape the circle. It now has 45 ds compared to 56 in the original pattern.

  6. can you do those rings as thrown off the chains? I know that the larger of the 3 would need to stand on a mock picot.
    good for you to figure out how to rework these very pretty patterns.

    1. That is exactly what I am doing in this round.


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