Saturday, 7 July 2012

Verifying my tutorial instructions

I received a comment from a needle-tatter that my instructions for wrapping stitches round a plastic ring using a needle does not work.  This is the tutorial that I am referring to.

I have gone over the steps again and have not found anything that may not work.
A small example of what I did following the steps that I have given
However, I am not a needle tatter.  When I wrote this, my mind may have been working as a shuttle tatter and there may be aspects of needle-tatting that I don't know about.

When I first wrote that tutorial I did asked for some tatters to test it and have not received any comments that it cannot be done the way I explained.

Please, I am requesting from some needle-tatters who are reading this, to test the instructions for me again.  This is important because these instructions are also included in my book Tatting With Rings.  That book was published several years ago and I have not received any comments regarding this part of the instructions since then.  I am in the process of revising the book and if indeed there are errors, this will be a good time to make the amendments.

Thanking you for all the help.

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