Sunday, 8 July 2012

Spinning Wheel Glass Mat again, and other things

I was tatting this Mary Konior pattern and notice this as I tat.
Lizbeth Springtime #20
I am tatting this with shuttle and ball and doing the SLT at each turn on the outside and the inside.  As I was tatting this, I notice the rings in the centre are in the colours following the colour flow of the thread - another surprise from using multi-coloured thread.

On other matters, I have changed my browser from Firefox to Chrome after I saw the notice from Blogger  saying that Firefox will not be supported by Blogger and I may experience problems blah blah blah. .... The thing is, I used Chrome before and had problems with my blog (couldn't leave comments is one of them) and switched to Firefox, which I had no problems with.  I guess, I'll just have to wait and see if the earlier problems resurface after this.

Regarding leaving comments, I wish that Blogger can put in a "Like" button somewhere at the end of blog posts.  I make sure to read the tatting blogs that I am following, and some that I do not follow regularly.  Sometimes there are posts that I like but I am not articulate enough to compose a comment.  So, I just want to be able to click "Like" to say that I like what was written.


  1. I really like the thread you're using for your Spinning Wheel. I use two shuttles when tatting this pattern, and I switch shuttles at the end of each pass.

    I mainly use Safari, so I haven't seen the Firefox message. I am disappointed that iGoogle is going to disappear in November 2013. I really like having my iGoogle page. I also wish they'd add a like button to Blogger. I wonder if there's a place to make suggestions?

  2. Well, of course, I must now check to see whether I can comment! When I saw your Spinning Wheel mat, I thought I must have been reading the wrong blog!

    1. Now you can see that your comment is successful. I think I know which other blog that you were thinking of, :)

  3. I had the same problem with Firefox but then I updated Firefox and the message has gone away. Maybe it will work for you?

    Lovely tatting!

  4. That's neat how the colorway is playing in the center.
    I agree about the "like" button. :o)

  5. You can add a like button at the end of your posts, go into settings.
    Lovely doily, I love using variegated thread always makes interesting colour patterns.
    I changed to Chrome, been a pain to me hope it works better with you.

    1. Margaret,
      I found a "Ratings" option when I looked around in 'Settings' but nothing happened when I made changes to it.

  6. It's fascinating how colours appear in the work when you use multicolour thread. I 'like' the idea of a like button too. Bit different to rating?


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