Patterns from my books in pdf

I have received several requests from tatters who wanted to know if I can sell the patterns from my book in individual pdf files.

I would like to say that there are some new developments regarding my books which are currently in pdfs.  I am working towards producing the books in professionally printed form. It is a rather long process because I need to re-look at all my charts and text so that the layout I use is compatible with the printing company's requirements.  There is still some way to go before I can complete the steps for all three books.

Once that is on its way, I will then seriously consider having the patterns in the books sold as individual pdfs.   If would greatly helps if I can get some views from tatters on this suggestion (of having individual pdfs).

Thank you for any suggestion and feedback offered.


  1. I think this would be a good option, a tatter might be looking for a specific project, and can buy just the pattern they want, but do not need the rest of the patterns in the book. or they can't afford the book, but can afford the pattern they need

  2. Hi Jon,

    I really like pdf, and I choose it over printed whenever I have the option. Although I can see how a printed book would be nice to hold annd look through.

    Personally, I think all three of your books work really well as sets. The patterns all work together, and I would not choose to buy them as single patterns. I'd want them all.

  3. Books are lovely and I am old fashioned I still prefer a book, but with the cost a PDF file would help us in this financial climate

  4. I'd just end up buying them all- if I didn't already own them all in pdf form. I'm one who still likes the feel of a real made-from-paper books but my husband bought me an e-reader for my birthday so I would quit using so much paper to print out patterns. I love how handy it is to just pull up my patterns on my nook.

    Having the individual patterns available would be great for those who are having financial struggles-- or are not major hoarders-- er-- collectors like me.

  5. Great idea!
    Personally I will not miss ANY of your patterns in your book but if someone cannot afford it he or she could still order a single pattern.

  6. I like both single and whole book PDFs, I'm starting to run out of room for books!

  7. I'm another fan of PDFs, especially with shipping continuing to rise. Also, I can put it on my laptop / kindle / phone and have it with me instead of trying to find a hardcopy book.


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