How to compare the thickness of two different thread

Remember this Mat #34 from here?

Marilee left a comment that I have three colour choices to proceed with this doily - green, white or yellow.
I have a ball of solid yellow that I think matches one of the colours of the HDT of the doily.

But the HDT that I used for the doily was marked size 30 and this yellow ball of thread is size 40.  However, when I feel both threads with my fingers, I think they are about the same size.  

From experience, I know that sometimes the thickness of thread show a difference even though the labels say that they are of the same size.  So, I did the number-of-rolls-round-a-pen test with these two thread to find out if they are of equal thickness.

I roll one thread 20 times round a pencil, and push the thread so that the strands lie side by side without actually squeezing them up and do the same with the other thread round a pen (don't have another pencil handy).  Putting them side-by-side like this, I can see that the thickness of the 20 strands of thread is about equal, the yellow solid on the left and the HDT on the right.

I think it is safe for me to use the yellow solid to continue with the doily.


  1. That's a great idea, Jon! I wish I had thought of it. : )

  2. You are so clever! This is wonderful!

  3. The only other way iis to do a couple of rings with both ans see how they look, but by the picture you might get away with it.

  4. Very good Jon, that looks like a good match for color and size.

    Thank you for the reminder of how to tell thread size. I had used that method in the past, and then forgotten it.

  5. Oh it sure looks about as close to a perfect match as possible! I am sure it will look just lovely!

  6. the other way that I check for a match with threads is to tat 10 dbs check it's tatted length, then undo and check the length of cotton used. If they are similar then you should be right

  7. What lovely lemon colour. I would never thought of measuring thread size like that. Thank you for the brilliant idea!

  8. This is similar to the way spinners, knitters and crocheters compare yarn thickness, called WPI -- Wraps Per Inch, here's a good explanation.
    Love the yellow.


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