Tatting Updates

I did a 'Diane' and tatted MK's Spinning Wheel Glass Mat.  I can understand why Diane keeps going back to it.  It is an easy pattern to remember because the stitch count is the same between picots throughout. But I did make a few mistakes, especially with the row of three rings because I kept joining them up together.

Here is my (first?) Spinning Wheel Glass Mat,
MK's Spinning Wheel Glass Mat, thread is HDT by Zarina
With the balance of the HDT, I started on the 'Amusement Doily' by Celtess. The link will take you to the pattern.
As you can see, it is not quite the doily as in the pattern.  I was running out of thread as I finished the 3rd round, so I made up the final round.  The actual 'Amusement Doily' is much more prettier than my aborted attempt.

Next is the update on the butterflies from  Adelheid Dangela's Tatted Butterflies that I started here and here.
Diana - with thread ends unhidden and turn into long tails
The next one is Elise and my attempt to tat in one pass.
The butterfly on the left is the one attempted in one pass incorporating additional techniques of split ring, split chain and alligator join.  The one on the right is the second attempt with two rounds.  I had some problems tatting Elise - the pattern is charted but the section of the body of the butterfly did not show the stitch count.  I had to refer to other charts in the book for similar looking body and follow the stitch count from there.

Finally, my double-point hooks arrived this week,
This double-point hook is the work of 'im in the garage, who also produce the pop-a-bobbin shuttles, which you can see here in JaneEb's blog. Jane calls them Hooks with hats. I am so happy with what I received.

I am busy tatting for an event in June.  More about that in another post.


  1. very pretty Spinning Wheel. and the thread from Zarina is gorgeous.
    as for your Amusement doily, that too looks good, and the changed outer round works very well.
    I clicked on the link for the doily, and some of the last round is missing on the pdf. Do you know if there is another way to get the pattern? Thanks

    1. Sso sorry about the link. I have corrected it and it now gives the full pattern. Please try again.

  2. Fabulous glass mat and doily start!!! Love the colors!! And those butterflies are fabulous!!! :)

  3. I LOVE your Amusement Doily! And the Glass Mar is fabulous in those colours. Lovely tatting, as always.

  4. Love your doilies! I've done the same thing with the Spinning Wheel. Somehow it still looks okay.

  5. Lovely motifs and beautiful colours.

    The butterflies are lovely.


  6. Ohhh! I am drooling over how well that thread worked in the spinning wheels!

    I love all your latest things too, Jon, but that one has me drooling ;-)

    Nice to read you around :-)


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