Continuing with the HMM in Penang

I was at the HMM craft bazaar in Penang last weekend, together with Zarina and several others from the Arts&Craft Guild of KL & Selangor (ACG).  Initially, I planned only to do a demo of my tatting, so I prepared a number of tatting starter kits to teach visitors.  Then, I realised I should have some samples of my tatting and started to tat simple pieces like bookmarks, hairclips, and inserts for key-rings.  That took me almost one whole month.

I was my first time putting up a table at a bazaar and I was not looking to make significant sales, though I did sell some bookmarks and tatting doodles.
This set of doilies greeted visitors as they approached my table
The pattern is from Tatters Treasure Chest - the centre part of one of the placemat pieces
I was happy that I managed to get four visitors curious and keen enough to sit down and learn to tat there and then, and they managed it quite well under the circumstances.

I started them off with making double stitches on chains with two different coloured threads.  This seemed the proven method as mentioned by so many tatters before, and it worked this time too.  They caught the double stitches soon enough and had no problem with the rings after that.  Even if I did not make much from the sales of my tatting, I was really happy to be able to add to the number of tatters.  I hope they'll keep up with it.
Two of my students concentrating on the tatting

I also received enquiries for consignment/commission work.  I had to tell them that I am not able to accept such request at this time.  As a tatter, I know that tatting is a time-consuming craft and I am not comfortable working within another person's timeline.  That is my personal feeling, though I accept that other tatters may feel differently.


  1. I love your work, it is gorgeous. and yeah!! for new tatters.

  2. Beautiful pieces of tatting, It's not easy to accept tatting commissions, I know I feel bogged down at the moment with one.


  3. Sounds as though you prepared well and had a good day. I hope the new tatters will keep it up. Yes, commissions have to be thought about carefully before they're accepted.


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