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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bare Necessities

The song Bare Necessities from Disney's Jungle Book kept playing in my mind when I was tatting this and I think it quite apt to be use as the post title when you see what I have tatted.
Nooo ... it is not a bear ....

This is Starlight Doily from A Tatter's Treasure Chest, sans picots.

Starlight Doily from A Tatter's Treasure Chest
Thread use:  Lizbeth 684 size 40, leaf green medium
Finished size: 19cm across (7.5 in)

If you have the book, you will notice that this doily has loads and loads of picots.  I don't fancy overloads of picots in my tatting, but the doily design looks appealing.

So .. Off with the picots - except the joining picots, off course. As usual, when long chains are involved, this piece needed blocking.


  1. Das Deckchen ist wunderschön und sehr gut gearbeitet.

    Liebe Grüße Cornelia

  2. Very pretty! I'll have to look at the book. Sometimes I like picots, like in hanky edgings, but for doilies, I prefer fewer picots.

  3. It looks very elegant sans picots. More modern too, perhaps.

  4. Wow, excelent tatting and wonderful look of this version, Jon!
    Greetings Gunhild

  5. I had to dig out TTC and see. Your version is particularly lovely!

  6. You're right: without picots this doily looks better!
    And it is a beautiful colour.

  7. I like the look of this very much Jon. and the difficulty from yesterday doesn't even show he he he Glad you had more thread to add in.

  8. *grins* That song is so carefree and bouncy. It is one of my favorite Disney tunes.

    Your doily looks impeccable and I prefer it bare, rather than frilly with picots. Great job!

  9. Brilliant! Wonderful doily. The shape is so much more pronounced.

    I will consider this change with vintage patterns now with this in mind as I am not fond of picots either. That is why I love your designs - not many of the petit, pesky ‘p’s!’

  10. Jon, what a great idea to omit the picots. I am not a big fan of a lot of picots and that was the reason why I skipped this one when I was looking for a pattern for doilys. I guess I will have to revisit it now. Thanks for showing me a different way of looking at things.

  11. I do have that book....I will have to give it a try!! Love the colour of your doily!!

  12. Thank you for all your comments. If anyone plan to tat this without the picots, here are some things that you need to pay attention to.

    Make sure you get the position of the joining picots right. Before starting on the current round, I counted the double stitches and picots of the next round to make sure that I did not miss any of the joining picots.

    It is a bit difficult counting just by reading the worded pattern, so it will be helpful if you can make a drawing and mark the stitch count and position of the joining picot.

  13. That's lovely. Leaving out the picots shows off the pattern.

    I've been tatting a doily for a while (I get bored easily) and have been doing the same thing, leaving out the decorative picots. I found that I had to write out the pattern again, with the total stitch counts.

  14. I really like your doily like this. It has a lovely shape and is very elegant.

  15. very clean and modern looking!
    LOVE the green

  16. Beautiful...the photo of the design in the book is not nearly so stunning, the picots really disguise the beauty of this design.

  17. Wow! I never liked that doily until now. You've made it look so much better!!!

    Stephanie Grace

  18. I'm with you. Not a big fan of lots of picots. I like it better without them! Thanks for sharing this.

  19. Gorgeous! I did this one once but with all the picots. But without them looks so pretty!

  20. Jon this is gorgeous! I am not a fan of the picots either. Did this one pretty early on. Might even go and revisit it now!


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