At the HMM

It has been almost a week since the HMM (Hand Made Market) and only now I managed to find time to write about it.

To recap, the HMM is one of the many activities put together for the month-long (15 June - 15 July) George Town Festival in conjunction with its UNESCO World Heritage Listing in 2008.  It is a celebration of the Art, Culture and Heritage of the people of George Town performed within and alongside its historical landscape.

The Arts and Crafts Guild of KL & Selangor was invited to participate in the HMM and a group of us came together to put up tables to sell our hand-mades as well demonstrate our crafts. The Guild arranged for a special coach to take us up north 350km away to Penang, which turns out to be the most sensible option considering all the stuff that we brought along.  I was there to show my tatting.

I tatted a number of items that I hope will create some sales, but my focus was more to bring tatting to the masses.  I prepared tatting kits for beginners hoping to get some of the visitors to try.  I think I did quite well considering that I managed to teach four of them to tat.  There were lots of enquiries regarding classes at later dates which, unfortunately I could not confirm on that day since I am not residing in Penang.

Anyway, enough of the ramblings.  Here is a slide presentation of photos taken during the day. Maybe not yet.  Seems to be taking forever to upload the photos for the slideshow.

In the meantime, rest your eyes on these unique street arts scattered along the streets within the heritage enclave of Georgetown. There are many more that I missed because we did not walk by the roads or lanes where they are.


  1. I'm sure your visitors were very fascinated by both your demonstration and your perfectly tatted pieces. ((Did they know you also designed them?) And how wonderful that you taught four new tatters! It's difficult to teach and demo at the same time, especially when you're the only one at the table!

    I can't believe how much has happened in tatting since I started demo-ing with our group 22 years ago! So it's very important to get the word out about how it's not a 'dying art' (which we continue to hear). So I'm glad you made that trip!! The tatting kits were a great idea, too!

  2. What a brilliant idea of tatting kits, and how nice to teach four people to tat, four new tatters to add to the world of tatters.
    Well done

  3. What a wonderful opportunity to show and teach tatting, well worth the trip. Also you seem to have been well looked after.
    The street arts are great, have seen a lot laterly on my travels, so clever and better to see them in real life.


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