Friday, 4 May 2012

Progressing with Elise

I am really enjoying working through Tatted Butterflies by Adelheid Dangela, which explains this post coming so soon after Diana.

Part of what's making this journey interesting is the challenges that I have put on myself.  Most of the patterns in the book so far, require the wings of the butterflies be made in two parts, first making the body and one side of the wings and the thread cut off.  Then the other wing is worked and joined to the body to complete the shape of the butterfly.

My challenge with Elise is to tat it in one pass. 
I have finished one side of the wings and am now working on the other wing.  I may undo that last chain and re-tat it slightly different to prepare for when I need to join it back to the body and finish the lower part of the body of the butterfly.

Will share what I have done when this is finished . . . . till next time . . . .


  1. How exciting! I know you will figure it out!

  2. That looks wonderful! For some reason, the picture of it in the book never really appealed to me, but seeing it in a variegated thread make me want to tat it.

    1. I know that some do not like to tat butterflies with variegated thread because the colours of the wings most often do not come out the same for the left and right. But, I really like the colourway of this thread, which is a Milford.

    2. Lovely in that thread! Good success!

  3. Very pretty! I don't know if I have that book or not, but it looks like one I'd enjoy. Time to browse my tatting books again!

  4. Lovely design and I love the colour you have used, the different colour thread I think makes things more interesting,

  5. Beautiful. I really like it.


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