Last Saturday was a celebration of sorts for a group of crafters.  It is the 5th Anniversary of the formation of the yahoo group Needle n Crafts which was held at one of the member's house in Kajang.  Thank you Mel for hosting this year's anniversary meet.

As with the previous anniversaries, there were gift exchanges and door gifts given out.  It was a good opportunity for members who attended to show off their skills (as if there needs to be a reason).  It was set that all who participated in the gift exchange to bring a bird that is made from any kind of craft. And, I think you will agree from the look of the birds below, that they are a crafty lot, in a good meaning of the word.

 Besides the gift exchange, there are door gifts for everyone present contributed by some of the members.  So even if some, like me, who did not participate in the gift exchange, we still took home some lovely items too.

From Nik - sewing needles, pins and tailor chalk; from Margaret - Handmade stamped pin cushion; from Usha - crocheted pin cushion; from Lillie - another disc of pins and a yarn snipper

Diane sent from the US - 3 skeins of floss and a packet of peach tea; Paul gave a couple of sewing thread; from Mel - a roll of fabric tape and self-threading needle; and Radha contributed a roll of ribbon

Sally wove baggage tags; Vivian shared some of her craft papers; and Shanny sent in a fabric purse all the way from Switzerland.
Even though I did not participate in the gift exchange, I too received a bird from Margaret.
 And, can you believe this, I was excited to see the plastic that the bird was wrapped in!  It got me thinking - they look like crochet but can the designs be tatted?
On my part my contribution for the door gifts are these,
Tatted one pair in each shade of Lizbeth size 40, left to right: 108 Sherbet Delight, 127 Butterfly Breeze, 132 Tropical punch, 109 Wildflower, 140 Turquoise Twist, 100 Falling Leaves, 138 Leafy Green, 131 Vineyard Harvest and 114 Seashells.
They are bookmarks tatted from the Mary Konior's "Anniversary" pattern from the book Tatting with Visual Patterns.  I think the name is appropriate since we were celebrating an anniversary too. I also tatted a pair in 140 Country Grape Swirl but did not take a photo of them.

But, these are not all.  Mel, the gracious host, also gave out these to everyone,
The cupcake is a dustcloth to remove static (e.g. from pc screen), huge buttons and a frame pin cushion.
It was like in craft heaven!
Thank you Mel for being a lovely host. Thank you everyone present for making it a wonderful morning.

And lastly, I wore this kilt pin brooch that day, which I made the night before.


  1. Looks like a fun day for everyone. I'll be interested to see how many of the plastic-wrap doilies you reinterpret into tatting!

    1. He he ... sometimes I wonder if I am turning nuts with tatting - seeing tatting in everything.

  2. I do love your bookmarks,such lovely colours. I'm sure the recipients will be pleased to get them.

  3. How nice Jon!

    Everything looks lovely, but I particularly like your bookmark collection! Very inspiring! All the Lizbeth colors are so cheerful!

    Congratulations on your groups anniversary.

  4. Sounds realy as a great day, Jon! And your bookmarks surely have been a great present! Love your little kilt pin brooch, so beautiful. Had to smile reading that you made it "the night before", sounds familiar to me ;-))

  5. Your bookmarks are awesome!! And your brooch is very nice! :)

  6. sounds like you all had a good time. yes, I think you could translate those motifs into tatting. you have the talent.

  7. Thank for the nice words on the brooch. This is the first time I made something like this. Am now looking into more designs for the kilt pin brooch.

  8. wow! cantik2 semua all the items and I like the brooch too :-)..the frame pincushion ideas is awesome :-)

  9. What a wonderful meeting, and lovely gifts given out. Your bookmarks are gorgeous,
    Thank you for sharing your lovely story

  10. Congrats to all your group. Your brooch is simply beautiful.


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