8 Mar 2012

Tiny Happy Heart

After all the chatter of the Catherine Wheel join, I just had to tat the Happy Heart.  Trust me to pick a shuttle with the smallest thread already loaded in it, size 80 DMC Dentelle.
Side by side with a Clover shuttle for size comparison
Enlarged picture.
Instead of making a bow or a Josephine knot at the point of the heart, I continued with three split rings with the last one a single-shuttle split for the purpose of hiding the ends.  Then I added a tassel through the SSSR.


  1. That is so super tiny! So cute!

  2. I think this is the same as my white one on my latest post. Yours is a lot more tiny and neater than mine and I had not learnt the catherine wheel when I made this. I have since mastered it.
    Thankyou for your inspiration .

  3. Hi Jon,
    Your tiny Happy Heart is very sweet - I really like the way you finished it with the split rings and the tassel. And such a pretty thread colour, what is it please?

    1. The thread is DMC size 80. I don't have the code for it because it has been a while and the card that came with it is gone. But the variegation contains cream, lavender and pale green.

  4. Your tatting skills are amazing! Frivole's 'happy heart' is tatted perfectly in 80 thread (excellent Catherine Wheel joins), with clever addition of split rings and tassels. Love the thread color! Bravo!

  5. That is beautiful --- very small! Job well done

  6. It came out great. I keep a collection of bookmarks like this one for my personal use--small motifs (often tiny thread) with tails and tassels. They are such fun to use.

  7. What a lovely heart, I love the way you have done the bottom, Brilliant idea,

  8. Like the look of this heart, somehow the finishing off with the tassel has made it much more in proportion.

  9. Wow is that tiny, I like how you added the tail and tassel. Pretty


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