11 Mar 2012

SSSR Braid

SSSR Braid in two colours
Has anyone shared something like this before?
Is this new or have I only learned about it?


  1. Relatively new, a few years. Not used alot but I think its a really neat tool. There is a really cool dragon pattern using SSSR by Anne Bruvold http://www.nuperelle.net/drager/monstre/MinidragerEng.pdf. If you are practicinng she has a really cute doodle dragon as well called Ring Trim.

  2. I've done it using SR instead of SSSR. It does look very nice in those colors.

  3. I did a lanyard where I used SSSR with 2 colors of thread so that the rings alternated colors. It was a lesson at Palmetto one year. I didn't throw off rings on the sides like yours, though.

  4. I've tried SSSR, but not with two colors. How did you do it?

  5. I like your two colour piece, I did some strips for cards with SSSR strips, I think it's been around for a couple of years..

  6. My mother tatted for decades (she made little bits to add to cards). I've never seen her do anything like that. I love that you've changed colors - right in the middle. How did you do that?
    (I'm less than new at this.)

  7. Hallo Jon, oh that's fun,I recently learned the same technique,:-)),SSSR with two colors, when disigning my earing pattern Marit. I just did a quick post on my blog to show my playings. Sorry I am not sure, if somebody posted such a braid of rings. Have a happy tatting day!


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