Daisy Pin

This is the daisy pin shown in my blog that I tatted for my niece's wedding last year.  At last, I have managed to write up the pattern for it.

This pattern is all chains and you'll only need a short length of thread in the shuttle.  For a size 20 thread, I only needed 50cm thread in the shuttle.  The pattern uses six beads on the ball thread and one loose bead, and a paperclip or coil-less pin (which I used here).

1. Pull the thread through the loose bead and hold it in place with a paper-clip.

2. Start with a mock picot at the beginning of the chain and tat (2-2-2).  Remove the paper clip and lock join to the loop of thread coming out from the bead. Make a picot and continue tatting the chain with (2-2-2).  Lock join to the mock picot at the beginning.

3. Start with a mock picot at the beginning of this round.  Tat a chain (2 b 2), where 'b' is a beaded picot. Lock join to the next picot of Step 2 and repeat the chain of (2 b 2) until all six beads are used.  Lock join to the picot at the beginning of the chain.

4. In this last round, tat a chain (2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2), lock join to the space between the chains of Step 3. Finish the round with a lock join to the beginning of the chain.

I have finished this daisy with a ribbon at the back and glued a pin to it.  There are many other ways of finishing, such as
  • sewing on yo-yos
  • sewing on to felt fabric
  • attaching to headbands.
For tatters who prefer diagrams, here is the chart for the Daisy Pin
You can vary the stitch count according to the size of beads that you use.  In my model, I used 4mm round beads.


  1. So wonderful of you to share this! Excellent detail, photos and diagram, and a very clever idea and attractive pin! Thank you, Jon!

  2. How wonderful of you to share it. Now I know what to make the ladies at my work for Mother's day. Thank you!

  3. Very pretty! Thank you for the pattern.

  4. That's pretty. Thanks for the pattern.

  5. it is beautiful, I get an inspiratio to learn tatting just to do something as nice as this flower is.

  6. I gave this a try last night and your instructions are very clear. Many thanks. (I would post a picture but hubby is away and I'm no good with technology.) I used a variegated thread and white beads first, then a second one with amethyst beads and violet thread. (the amethyst were left from another project). This second one I fastened to a ribbon to make a choker collar. It looks grand!

  7. Me gustan mucho tus Blogs. Muchas gracias por compartir y enseñar tu écnica.
    Saludos. Conchita(España)

  8. Great! Beautiful! Wonderful! Thanks for Pattern!

  9. That's a very lovely motif. I can see it on each end of a ribbon, as a bookmark!

  10. Your tatting is gorgeous!!!!!! I'm a beginner and am learning needle tatting. Can your patterns be adapted for needle tatting?

  11. grazie per il pattern, è molto bello!

  12. I haven't tatted for awhile yet I'm looking forward to trying this as my first back-to-tatting project! Thank you. It's beautiful.


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