5 Feb 2012

Five Dainty Designs - Edgings #3, #4 and #5

As I wrote earlier, the NB patterns that I have been tatting do not say when to reverse work or change shuttle, or even if two shuttles are required.  In this situation, a reasonably clear photo of the finished model is of great help.  In the case of these edgings, I found that using two shuttles greatly eased the method of construction to achieve the desired shape.

Edging No. 3 from Five Dainty Designs is an example that it can work in any which way.
Looking at the scanned photo from the newspaper, I know that two shuttles are required because there are also rings on the other side of the chains. For the 1st ring (above the chain in the pic), I reversed work after the ring at the bottom, made the 1st part of the chain, did not reverse and switch shuttle to make the ring on top of it, switch shuttle again to make the 2nd half of the chain.  The result is a smooth curve in the chain holding the ring.

For the 2nd ring, I did not reverse after the ring at the bottom but switched shuttle and made the 1st half of the chain.  Then, I reversed work and made the 2nd ring, reversed again and finished the 2nd half of the chain.You can see in the picture above that, these two different construction methods give a totally different effect to the chains attached to the single ring.

Edging No 4 is quite similar to edging No 2 in the design, except that the single rings are replaced by clovers.
Comparing the two methods of Edging No 3, I decided to go for the 2nd method of construction.  This edging also makes a pretty bookmark.

Edging No 5, is rather pretty too but, because of the width of the motif, is not suitable to be converted into a bookmark, I think.

All models are tatted with Lizbeth #40, Butterfly Breeze.

And where is Edging No 2, since there are five edgings in all?  I tatted a snippet of No 2 and found a mistake in the scanned instructions.  It was a very short piece and it got dropped somewhere before I could snap a picture of it.


  1. Your tatting is beautiful as always, Jon! I love the way you've turned an edging into a bookmark. I'm not sure I'd have the patience to decipher a pattern from a newspaper scan. Good for you!

  2. Those are really nice! I like the bookmark you made! :)


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