Friday, 20 January 2012

Design from the past in latter techniques.

This is the last motif from Norma Benporath's New Medallions in Tatting.

This rather unusual shape piece is quite easy and straight-forwards to tat. I did not need to make any changes to the pattern as published on the site but I did change the construction method.

Firstly, the motif begins with the centre ring with 8 picots in it separated by 3ds.  The instruction was to begin with 2ds, make the eight picots and end with one ds, cut and tie to complete the ring. (Note: two ends to hide). Starting with 2ds and ending with 1ds completed the 3ds separating the picots.

Round 2 is a shuttle-and-ball pattern which you can begin with CTM to reduce one pair of ends, but still ending up with one pair at the end of the round.

My way was to start with 3ds and make the 7 picots, ending with another 3ds.  The eighth picot is a mock picot as I jump out of this centre ring with a split ring.  (Note: no ends here).  My Round 2 ends with a split chain, followed by another split ring to jump out to Round 3 (note: no ends here, too).

BTW, Jane gave a very clear description of mock picot in Day 3 of her TIAS which, if you have not started on it, you don't know what you are missing.  Even if you don't plan to join the TIAS (but I hope you do), go over to the TIAS blog and enjoy reading Jane's commentaries of the guesses that have been coming in.  I need to catch up on the TIAS myself as I am only at Day 2.

 An interesting feature of Round 3 is the sharp turn in the chain on the two sides of the motif.  This effect can be achieved by making a SLT or tatting a mock ring.  Usually, an SLT or mock ring is utilised when making a ring sitting atop a chain without using a second shuttle.  This is the few times where the technique of SLT or mock ring is used for a design element.

For discussion purposes, if a second shuttle is used, the resulting chain will give a smooth curve as in the other six chains, and will show a totally different effect to the motif.


  1. That is a beautiful medallion! I can picture it as an inset in a beautiful silk blouse.

  2. I have done the same method as you have for the first two rounds - it is so much easier than dealing with all those ends.

    By the way, I love your new (blog) look.

  3. Beautiful!

    I hadn't seen this pattern before, and enjoyed your comments on making this pattern more modern. Thanks for the idea! I'm going to have to try this pattern soon! ^^

  4. Hi, Jon,
    Your blog looks great and I like this latest motif a lot.

    you are right about the TIAS, which I am doing for the first time. It is an excellent way for either re-learning or for learning something for the first time. I am so glad I decided to participate this year. Great opportunity.
    Fox : )

    p.s. Thank you for all your kind comments on tat-ology. They mean a lot to me. : )

  5. That is such a pretty design and great not to have all the ends to hide.
    I try to do the same with all my new patterns...I have just finished an oval doily that starts in the middle and finishes at the very end (every row climbed out of).
    I am thinking of re-doing my very first book "From Petals to Pearls" as I wrote it in the eighties when I didn't know about split rings and chains, but I think it will be quite an epic journey! LOL!!!


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