Commenting problems solved, I hope so .....

I changed my browser to Firefox and now I can leave comments again, yay!  I was using Google Chrome before, when I was having the problem.

I left a test comment on Tat's Heaven blog and it went through just fine. 

I also noticed that I can reply to a specific comment and my reply came up under the comment that I replied to.  Isn't that wonderful? Now a reader can relate  to the previous topic that I am replying to and would not lose the train of thought.

Why didn't I notice that before? Is that a new feature of blogger?

Since there was no tatting in the earlier post, here is one.

This is my final rendition of the Norma Benporath pattern from this post.  I changed the third round because I could not make head or tail of the instruction from the Trove website. I cut the chains drastically in a couple of places in order to get it lying flat.  I am happy with this for now and have started on the next NB pattern from the Trove which I will share later.


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    1. Thank you Diane. I wish I was able to read the patterns well enough, or that the scanned picture is clear enough, to tat it exactly as Norma Benporath wrote it.

  2. Oh to be able to tatt a peice like the above.
    I have just made my firsts bits doing it the needle tatt way and although fiddly I think I am going to enjoy it.
    One thing, may I ask, when it says turn over to knot, my thread seems to be the wrong way, am I doing something wrong, is it clockwise to turn or anti clockwise? I have the ball on the left and the needle on the right.....
    Just doing this little bit has made me want to get a shuttle and try that way.

    1. Briony,
      I don't use the needle but have tried it before to understand how needle tatting works.
      I have e-mailed my reply to you.

  3. I'm with you - totally stymied by the Trove website. but, you have managed a fantastic edging here! It is lovely.
    Fox : )

    1. The patterns that I am working now is not as involved as the edging. You may want to try them yourself. Here is the url,

  4. so beautiful, I have to try this pattern!

    1. Please share your views and thoughts on the pattern when you do try it.

  5. The pattern looks lovely the way that you worked it out. Sometimes different tatters have widely differing tensions and that can make a difference.

    Yes, blogger just came out with the new comment feature, I first noticed it yesterday. It only works if the blog is set up for "embedded" comments. Mine was set up for a separate comment page, so I went to my settings and changed it to embedded. It looks like a good feature.

  6. Very pretty edging! I may have to put that on my list.

    Isn't it weird that Google's own browser would cause problems in Blogger? I wonder if they know.

  7. Apparently the Reply feature is brand new, but only appears automatically on blogs with the 'imbedded' comment form. I read about this in "Blogger Buzz". Glad you're commenting problems have cleared up!

    I think your rendition here is beautiful. I love wide lace like this. It certainly is difficult to see the photo at that site!

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