Monday, 5 December 2011

Tatting Treasures Unearthed

Maureen in Brisbane has found some buried treasures and shared them in In Tatters.  They are tatting patterns designed by Norma Benporath that were published in the Queenslander newspapers from the 1930s, scanned and published digitally by the National Library of Australia.

A little on Norma Benporath (1900 - 1998) is provided by the Powerhouse Museum.

As usually happened for scanned documents converted to text, there are bound to be errors when captured by the OCRs.  A number of tatters in InTatters are editing the text for the patterns and correcting the errors. On my part, I have decided to test-tat the patterns after they are edited.

The first one that I am working on is Tatting Designs for Busy People, edited by Judy.  There are two patterns published in this article, a small lace mat and a serviette ring.  I started with the lace mat, which has four rounds.  The lace mat is turning out quite nicely after two rounds.
Tatted with Lizbeth #40, measuring 9cm across after two rounds.
A word of advice to anyone who wants to tat this.  The centre motif may appear all ruffled up as you join the rings, but will eventually flatten out after you have joined the last ring.  It helps a lot if you block or press the motif a bit before continuing with the second round.


  1. I would love making this. By the way, when I clicked on the URL, it says that its empty. Just to let you know.

  2. Lovely colors! It looks like a very nice pattern.

  3. What a find this turned out to be! - and the old design comes to life in your choice of modern threads and colours.
    It's wonderful that tatters in the 21st century are going to preserve this heritage for those who come afterwards.

  4. What a wonderful project! How very exciting. I have at least one of Norma's books in my collection. I will have a further look at these patterns in TROVE too. Fiona T (

  5. Ooooh, that looks beautiful! :)

  6. Wow, that's a lot of patterns. Thank you so much for the link. It warms my heart to see old patterns preserved.

  7. as always your tatting is so good!! by the way.. i have posted in my blog two of the snowflakes ia have tatted from your last book that i have won in your giveaway!! thanksss


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