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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Still not tatting much......

.... but here is a picture of my niece wearing a tunic with tatted edgings attached to the sleeves and neckline.


  1. Cute niece! The tatting looks fabulous.

  2. That's nice!

    And I like what you've done with your header - love the heart and colorway

  3. Such a sweet model for your tatting! :)

  4. Oh, she's adorable! The tatting looks really pretty too. Did you just sew the tatting on?

  5. LOL! She can be cute when she wants to, but just as bossy like any 4 year olds.

    The tatting is sewn onto the dress at each picot.

  6. lol, yup my 4 year old is little Ms. Bossy pants too :o)


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