Saturday, 26 November 2011

Square motif mat finished

The mat made up of square motifs that started with the design that I first wrote about over two months ago is finally finished.

The finished size is 22cm x 18cm (8.5in x 7in) and uses up about one ball of Milford in size 40.  There is still some thread left on the ball but not sufficient to finish another row of motifs.

I decided to make a slight change to the design and in the way the motifs are joined together.  I completed a sample of four squares and then made copies of the image to create a bigger one,

I think the second design looks too dense to my liking.  There is no clear line in the layout that draws the eyes to, as compared to the seemingly interlocking squares of the first design.  It does look slightly better in two colours if going by this rough drawing.

Till the next episode .....


  1. Your finished mat is beautiful, and I love the diamond design I see in it.

  2. I have to agree -- in a dark color the design is very dense. I do like your drawing in 2 colors though. In that one I see flowers everywhere!

  3. Congratulations on completing this ADORABLE mat! It has been quite a labor of love, I suspect. One that has paid off!

  4. I think both designs look nice, but I agree that the second one is better in two colors. The first is just beautiful as it is. Congratulations on completing it!

  5. do you have a smallish motif or round doily which can be expanded to make a round tablecloth? thanks


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