Saturday, 12 November 2011

Meeting of Friends - Old and New

One of the reasons that I had not been tatting much the past month or so was because I was organising a reunion of my schoolmates.  The reunion is for the class of 1974 of one of the elite all-girls boarding schools in Malaysia.    It was really hard work trying to get in touch with as many of them as possible and keeping track of the list of attendees.  There were about 170 of us who were in the graduating class of that year.  We managed to get in touch with quite a number but only 61 managed to attend.  Here are some photos of taken on that day.

Girls of My House - Selindang Delima (Green)
Some of my Classmates
A Gift for each attendee
opens up into a practical tote/shopping bag

And I met new friends at a craft workshop organised by the Arts & Crafts Guild of KL & Selangor.  In collaboration with the National Textile Museum, the Guild had arranged for a series of workshop on a wide range of crafts.  The teachers conducting the classes are members of the Guild.
The series of workshop started on November 1st and will continue until 18 December. The best part is that all the sessions are free and open to all.  All material and supplies for each craft are provided by the instructors.  You just walk in and join any sessions that you like.

The coming schedule of workshops are during the weekends on the following dates:

12 Nov SAT 10am-1pm Wire Jewellery -Swirl Ring - Mastura Mustafa
12 Nov SAT 2pm-5pm Recycled Weaving - Bremen Wong
13 Nov SUN 10am-1pm Shibori (Japanese textile art) - Fatimah Chik
13 Nov SUN 2pm-5pm Wire Jewellery - Romantic Garden Pendant - Mastura Mustafa
19 Nov SAT 10am-1pm In Love with Beading - Flower Ring - Eva Ng
19 Nov SAT 2pm-5pm Shibori (Japanese textile art) - Fatimah Chik
20 Nov SUN 10am-1pm Recycled Weaving - Bremen Wong
20 Nov SUN 2pm-5pm In Love with Beading - Bracelet / Charm - Eva Ng
3 Dec SAT 10am-1pm Smocking with Hand Embroidery - Nirwana
3 Dec SAT 2pm-5pm Recycled Denim -What can u do with a pair of old jeans?- Norlie
4 Dec SUN 10am-1pm Smocking with Hand Embroidery - Nirwana
4 Dec SUN 2pm-5pm Recycled Denim -What can u do with a pair of old jeans? - Norlie
17 Dec SAT 10am-1pm Furoshiki - Japanese Fabric Wrap & Carry all - Crazeepatches
17 Dec SAT 2pm-5pm Handmade Stamp on Fabric - Ellie Ng
18 Dec SUN 10am-1pm Silk-screen Printing and Resist - Ellie Ng
18 Dec SUN 2pm-5pm Furoshiki - Japanese Fabric Wrap & Carry all - Crazeepatches

National Textile Museum
26, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin,
Tel -  03-2694 3461, 03-2694 3457

I was there for the session on Quilted Mug Rug, taught by ZarinaZA.  Here are some photos that I took while I was there.
The Chong sisters, two tourists from Hong Kong who came in to escape the heat and stayed  on  for the workshop
My quilted mug rug - work in progress.  I may add some tatting to  it later. 
Zarina, the instructor, is the one in the middle.

Towards the end, I took out my tatting that I had in my bag, and that drew a lot of oohs and aahs from the ladies who were there.  Let's hope that the Guild will include tatting in the list for future workshops.


  1. Such beautiful women; all those joyful smiles!

    I also love all the bright and cheerful clothing in the reunion pictures. I've alwasy been drawn to clothing and textiles and if that's "everyday" dress in your world...lucky. I can't tell you how often I shake my head and wonder at the jeans and t-shirt crowds I see everyday.

    Souls are beautiful things and our outsides should refect that beauty.

  2. I'm not sure if my earlier comment went through.

    Thank you for taking photos of my class. I will definitely link this post with a blog post scheduled for early next week. That post is about a craft market which I am taking part of next weekend.

  3. Antiquarian,
    Yes, we wear lots of colours here. What you see above are everyday-wear that are also office-wear. Dressing up for special occasion are also as colourful, except that the fabric used will be of better quality and there may be added blings to it from beads and sequins.


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