Friday, 28 October 2011

A drought, maybe?

I know I have not blogged for quite a while.  The truth is that I have had my hands full with non-tatting work.  And after such hiatus, my creative juice may have run dry.  That is just it!

I don't have the feel for designing right now.  It used to be that ideas are playing in my head at the same time that I was working on some new design.  But I am afraid to stop tatting in case it really turns a tatting drought.

I think I should work on patterns by other published designers so that I can keep tatting, which is what I did here.  These are a couple of designs by Mary Konior that I have turned into bookmarks.

Curds & Whey (I think) in size 20
Black Magic in size 80
One of the non-tatting work that took much of my time was organising a school reunion for my school year f 1974.  Yes, from 38 years ago.  I attended an all-girls boarding school and for that year there were 160+ of us from 5 classes, and 61 attended the reunion.  Each of us brought a gift to be exchanged and my gift was a book with the Black Magic bookmark included between the pages.  Names were drawn to see who gets whose gift.  One of my classmates was picked to receive my gift. I hope she likes it.

The Curds & Whey bookmarks were also supposed to be given away in a lucky draw during the event but I was too busy with the organising, I forgot all about it.


  1. Hello Jon!

    So good to read you around, I was starting to worry a tiny bit about you.

    I think it is great to go through different phases in your creative life, after the wonderful book you finished earlier this year, a rest may be just what you need!

    I have been meaning to ask, do you plan on writing out the pattern to the "Cascade" bookmark you sent me a while back? I really like it a lot! Have I shown you yet the version I made in blues? If not, just tell me and I will either put a picture of it on my blog or send it to you by e-mail :)

    Happy tatting!

  2. Please don't worry that you have a "designing drought". I don't think anyone can design on demand; inspiration just ebbs and flows like the rest of nature. Enjoy your tatting time! Your bookmarks are beautiful, and your classmate was very fortunate to receive such a special gift.

  3. Don't worry about Tatter's Block. Everything is compost for creativity. taking a break may just be what you need for inspirations.

  4. Your Black Magic bookmark is beautiful! Love the thread choice, too!

  5. Hi Jon,
    design drought for you! that must be an understatement..
    you are a great inspiration to followers of you like me..
    the bookmarks are just you have pdf method for those..i am in a process of making quiet a few bookmarks..would love to get hold of them.

  6. I love the Curds and Whey bookmark. I borrowed the book from the local library, and didn't thought about turning edgings into bookmark. You opened my eyes and I will see edgings in a whole new way from now on. Thanks.


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