Sunday, 4 September 2011

Tatting Gems by another name .....

A number of tatting friends have expressed curiosity about the names that I have chosen for the snowflakes in the book Elegant Tatting Gems.  It was not easy to find a name for each one.  I thought about naming each after a tatting friend but I have so many to chose from and don't want to be seen favoring one over another, :(

In brief, I have chosen names related to precious stones or related to jewelry,  as well terms expressing love and affection, and of beautiful things.  Here I will try to give you the meanings of the names that I have chosen.  Some have direct meanings or translation to English.  For a few others, I cannot find the exact translation of the word, so I have provided its meaning.
  • Adiratna - this is one of the terms used for or to describe a beautiful person, especially a woman.
  • Adan - heaven or paradise.
  • Almas - unpolished diamond.
  • Baiduri - opal.
  • Cintamani - a form of lucky stone.
  • Galuh - another name for a princess, also used for diamond.
  • Mustika (also mestika) - 'love of my heart'.
  • Nilam - sapphire.
  • Kencana - gold.
  • Delima - ruby.
  • Lazuardi - jacinth.
  • Nilakandi - another name for sapphire.
  • Ratnasari - beautiful princess.
  • Sahmura - a general name for precious stones, used in old literature.
  • Yakut - Turkish term for ruby.
  • Ratnawilis (ratna wilis) - emerald that is bluish-green.
  • Firus - turquoise.
  • Zamrud - dark green emerald.
On other note, I wish to thank everyone for the birthday wishes on the occasion of my birthday on August 30th.  It was also the day that we celebrated Eidul-fitri, the day of festivities to mark the end of the fasting month.  It was certainly a very busy couple of days. I did not have time to come online much.  I am sorry if I was late in replying to some of the e-mails, too.


    1. Thanks for posting the meanings of the names, Jon. Now the patterns are even more special! I'm printing out a copy of this post and putting it in my book!

    2. Those are perfectly fitting names! Your book is a jewel treasure indeed!

    3. Hope your Birthday was a special celebration. Mine was last month, too.

    4. Its one way of coming up with a pattern name and very orginal.
      Thanks for sharing.

    5. Thank you for this post. It is very informative to know some of the names of gemstones in our language.

    6. I'm new to tatting and just want to say your blog and patterns are inspirational. I've purchased the Tatted Gems and I'm part way through 'Adiratna' so it's really nice to know what the name means and as someone else has said, I'm going to print them out and put in with my booklet.

      Can I just ask on your August 15th post you showed some tatting with a shuttle and your thread wound round what looks like a wooden butterfly - is that just your spare thread or is it somehow attached to your shuttle so you have continuous thread? - sorry if it sounds a daft question.

    7. LittleBerry, it is not a daft question at all.

      The butterfly is one of my thread holders that I use to wind the thread from skeins of hand-dyed thread before I start tatting. The thread holder can act as a ball thread when I tat with a shuttle-and-ball or it will hold the spare thread if I use two shuttles.

    8. thanks for that Jon - as I'm new I wasn't sure if it was a way of having a continuous yarn that was attached to the shuttle, so when the shuttle was empty you could re-wind it without having to amke a join IYKWIM?


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