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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Now a Square

After working with triangles as in this post, I started on squares.

This is the square motif that resulting from several attempts. It is rather small even though I am working with size 20 thread, just about 1.75in or 4.5cm wide.

Joining up several of this square motif results in this little mat, still a work in progress.

This is a rather interesting exercise for me.  As you can see, the motif on its own has no outside picots that can be joined to.  I had to think ahead to the second motif while making the first one and think of where to join and how.  And this totally change the construction of the square compared to if it is on its own.  The resulting piece may need a little pressing when done, but I am satisfied with it at the moment.

Now, on the giveaway ...
As at the time of writing this, I will be making the draw of the winners later tonight.  That means there is still about six hours left for you to enter the drawing.  Good luck everyone.


  1. I really like this Jon! I always like squares anyway but this one when joined, creates many different motifs to draw the eye. Three different squares appear and even a cross (made up of the five smaller "joining" squares. Wonderful design. I hope, maybe, you'll share it with us eventually?? :-))

  2. I like it! When I first saw the square, I didn't even think about the missing picots. How large will you make it, or haven't you decided yet?

  3. Lovely motif, and a really lovely doily, I love the pattern.

  4. that's a lovely motif and makes a change from round ones....

  5. You are right Frivole. Now that you mentioned it, I can see many other possibilities with this design using different parts of it.

    Diane, this is a test piece and will be finished with nine squares. I usually work with 3-ply thread for my test pieces. When I am satisfied with it I make another one with 6-ply thread.

    Thank you Margaret and LittleBerry.

  6. ...that is a lovely work in progress!

  7. This is wonderful, Jon. I like square motifs, and really like how the joined squares flow. There are many lines for the eye to follow and move around the mat.

  8. Your motif is wonderful and the mat gorgeous! :)

  9. Did you ever finish this pattern? I LOVE it and would love to have it. I am a new tatter and want to get good enough to someday make a long table runner but hadn't found a pattern I liked until I saw this one!

  10. Hi, I'm also looking to see if you will share this pattern? It's exactly what I am looking for.


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