I was in a couple of bookmark exchanges and made a few bookmarks.

This bookmark is adapted from The Hedgerow pattern by Mary Konior from the book Tatting in Lace. As mentioned in an earlier post, I was the first stop of the Mary Konior travelling book organised by Martha Ess. In that post, I shared pictures of tatting that was from the book but I did not include this bookmark.  It was a surprised for Tatting-Marie, who is the next person in the list.
Adapted from the Hedgerow edging pattern from the book Tatting in Lace by Mary Konior
For the bookmark exchange in The Tatting Forums, I sent these two bookmarks to my exchange partner, Tattin' Kat.  The bookmark at the top is The Stumpy by Kersti Anear, with a slight variation.  I made the outer parts of the rings in roll tatting.  The bookmark at the bottom is the Gemini bookmark by Mary Konior from the book Tatting Patterns.
top: The Stumpy by Kersti Anear done with roll tatting; bottom: another pattern by Mary Konior
My other bookmark exchange is in In Tatters, I had to send the bookmarks all the way to Argentina.  I was getting worried that it may get lost because it had to travel so far.  Luckily, my partner, Soyloquesoy posted in the forum that she had received them.

For Soyloquesoy, I made two bookmarks (below).  
left: a random pattern of my own design; right: an adaptation of an edging pattern by Mary Konior
The picture above is not very clear, so here are enlarged photos of the two bookmarks.

The one on the left is an original design. I started this bookmark with the five rings at the top and work my way down.  I think I'll call this Cascade bookmark because I visualise it as water flowing down from the top.

The second bookmark on the right is another adaptation of a Mary Konior pattern, Jack and Jill edging from Tatting With Visual Patterns.


  1. I love the colors of the bookmarks. By the way, the last two bookmarks that was traveling to Argentina has a 3-dimension look to it.

  2. The bookmarks you made are beautiful, Jon! I'm sure your exchange partners are thrilled! I truly enjoy seeing what you do with patterns. I've looked at Mary Konior's designs many times, trying to figure out how to turn some of them into bookmarks. It's wonderful to see how your imagination changes some of those patterns!

  3. These are all lovely but the Cascade bookmark is outstanding, it really does look like water flowing!

  4. Beautiful all of them, I like them all, and the colours are lovely.

  5. Very nice bookmarks, Jon! I like the 'Jack & Jill' edging adaptation.

  6. Jon, All are beautiful! I especially like the Hedgerow adaptation to a bookmark. So clever!
    Fox : )

  7. Zarina, I assure you the bookmarks are all flat. I just did not block them before taking photos of them.

    Diane, I am sure you can adapt the edging patterns too. It just needs a little extra study of the pattern to see a good point to turn for the other side of the bookmark.

    Thank you Margaret, Michelle, Suztats and Fox.

  8. Wow!!! Such fabulous bookmarks in wonderful colors!!! :)

  9. Hi Jon!

    You know, Diane is right - I am absolutely smitten with the bookmarks you made for me. I was going to ask you about the patterns - the purple one screamed "Mary Konior" to me but I couldn't quite pinpoint it - I think your adaptation is very clever. I had been eyeing Jack and Jill, but not sure how to use it, with the zig zag being so wide. Your variation is perfect!

    The other one does remind me a little bit of the famous "spinning wheels" in the same Mary Konior book, but it is a different concept, with the flow alternating from left to right. I think the name is perfect, by the way, and I am picturing it done in a long repeats blue variegate.

    One more thing to mention is that I love the way you used colour - the Cascade one has actually two threads (a variegated one and a corn yellow one), but they alternate in way that really enhances the flow. And in the purple one the variegation is very symmetrical - I was looking at it with my family and concluded that you *must* have planned ahead to make it so - and I admire you for it!

    So, you have answered most of the questions I had, just one thing I want to know: what thread type and size did you use? I suspect it is the famous Lizbeth... whatever it is, it makes me want to try it! Lovely sheen and very defined stitches - of course your craftmanship shows too!


  10. Creativa... both your comments came through but I was already about to go to bed when I read it. I am publishing only one of the comments since the contents are quite similar.

    I use Lizbeth size 40 for both bookmarks. I can't recall the colour shades, sorry. I can imagine Cascade in variegated blue will be lovely. If there are whites in the variegate, it may appear like bubbles or froth in the cascading water.

  11. Thanks Jon!

    Sorry for my impatience in sending you the comment twice, I did not realise you had to approve it.

    I have decided I want to try Lizbeth 40, then... :D

  12. These bookmarks are amazingly beautiful. Love colors!


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